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Attack of the Slorgs is a game based in Meridell. You play a Yurble farmer who is trying to protect his crops from the invading Slorgs. You must destroy the Slorgs by firing from your Slorgerizer. To play, you fire a color from your Slorgerizer at Slorgs of the same color. This causes them to die. You must keep the Slorgs away from your crops for a certain amount of time to move to the next level.

Basics: The fundamental of the game is precision aiming. If you cant aim at the right color Slorg, you wont go far. The laser in the game is designed to help you. In later levels, the laser will die out and you have to try to aim as well as you can. To prevent this, you can use the cheat chargex4 to recharge your laser. This cheat can be used as many times as you want and is very helpful.

(3,000 NP fast or 720 NP even faster!)

Difficulty: Medium
Learning Curve: Easy

Like undoubtedly everyone else, I have searched the internet for fast ways to earn NP. Finding many different “Earn (x amount) of Neopoints in (y amount) of minutes!”. You can find your own you like or more likely, you already have. However, this guide is to compliment one of those. What I noticed was that many of these guides neglected to mention Attack of the Marblemen in their list of games to play, which was confusing to me because it was such an easy game to earn the max of 3,000 NP per day (in around 10 – 15 minutes) or 720 NP in less than 2 minutes. Attack of the Marblemen is a game in the Puzzle section. Like all standard games, the game is capped to 1,000 NP per play, 3 plays per day. The game is a great way to earn an easy extra 3,000 NP a day (which is 21,000 NP a week ((7,665,000 NP a year!)) ) or a quick 720 NP in 2 minutes.