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This is a battledome guide for absolute newbies. In this guide I have included advice on training methods, abilities and equipment in the battledome.


This is an obviously important aspect of being a good battledomer.

There are 5 statistics that you can improve for your pet. These are strength, defence, agility, endurance and level.

First of all, one thing that should be made clear: Agility does NOTHING whatsoever in the battledome. Increasing your pet’s agility is a waste of time and neopoints. Some people like to train it anyway to have nice rounded stats but I personally don’t bother.

Strength is a measure of how much damage your pet does in the battledome.

This will be the third war I’ve participated in and have a good idea of what will happen based on the previous wars I’ve been in. I attend a message board that has asked for some information about wars and I figured that this would be helpful to people:

1. You do not need to sign up for the war, you are automatically entered into it that is if you wish to fight

2. The war will take place in the battledome like any other battle

3. During the war all the current 1 player battledome opponents will likely be disabled till the end of the war or possibly longer