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Deckball, is the latest and new innovative game on Neopets. Played like soccer, it will undoubtedly bring unto you hours upon hours of enjoyment. The aim, of course, if to kick your ball into your opponents goal, and the only way to do this is to either run to the ball and kick it (obvious) or what I do, use your brains and use a strategy.

Basically, always play difficulty ‘Captain’ (the hardest) because its the only level in where you get to send score, and hopefully receive a high score and a few dubloons!

So unto the strategy. Many people complain that they cannot score goals because simply, the guys are too hard to control, the reaction time, the sliding surface, no wonder its hard. Well, you know the saying? If its too hard, why try it? Well, in this case it applies. If you wanna know how to score over 5 goals each time you play, try this.

PPT Guide Editorialist

So you’ve just started playing deckball or you are so frustrated with the Mirgle that you want to throw your computer out the window. With this guide it will show you the best possible strategies of how to get the ball in the goal. The trick is, to take each “ball up” (When you first start) differently.

Slow paced ball up- if the ball is bouncing at an extremely slow pace don’t move from your goals. Stay in defense of your goals and wait till the Mirgle is confused and is not near the ball and push the ball up towards the left hand corner of the ship if you hit the angle exactly the ball will go in. Try and keep Mirgle out of the picture by running into him.