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If you do not want to stand in front of a goal and waste time watching a ball bounce around, than it is time for you to enjoy the full experience of the game Deckball. Even though standing infront of your goal might keep your opponent from scoring on you, I find it very boring and time consuming. It’s time we get in the game.

The successfully play of Deckball is dependent of the managing of many small skills. Deckball skill comes with practice, and the key to Deckball is anticipation. One has to know how the ball moves, how your opponent moves, and what you should do to either score or avoid being scored upon.

Ok this strategy is a complete variation of all the other strategies listed on this site. First off, play HIGHLY offensive, especially when the ball starts off. Take a few rounds to learn how to judge which side you are going to be able to hit the ball on. ALWAYS hit the ball off of the top side, or if it is going slow enough that Mirgle (the monkey) goes for it on the bottom you can plough right through it. Your advantage is that mirgle always goes straight for the ball, and therefore he get to the middle to hit the ball slower than you can because he chases it. Always try to hit ball off of the top side into the goal because (A) Mirgle has a harder time defending that area [game program] (B) Mirgle can defend the bottom much easier (C) The top is easier to gauge, and the distance between the bottom and the goal is smaller. If you keep spinning (holding a arrow button -right or left) you keep your speed, and that can make it easier to get around, and if you try to change directions, use the wall to bounce off of, while using the spin technique (Once you have tried these guidelines for about a week, you can on average, with only 8 accounts, and if you get a decent score (10 – i never have gotten lower) you will make 108000 in one day, without anything else. – Curtis S.

I have to disagree with everything said so far (except the dubloon list, that’s correct). I find that going out and scoring myself is the best way to get lots of dubloons. I almost always go out right away, and half the time I score on the first hit. The only time I stay in my goal is when I accidentally get an anchor and can’t move fast. Call me impatient, but it works.

Check my score And yes, I do lose eventually, but what I do is I don’t send my score until I have 10 points or more – that way I get the 5 dubloon.

Deckball, is the latest and new innovative game on Neopets. Played like soccer, it will undoubtedly bring unto you hours upon hours of enjoyment. The aim, of course, if to kick your ball into your opponents goal, and the only way to do this is to either run to the ball and kick it (obvious) or what I do, use your brains and use a strategy.

Basically, always play difficulty ‘Captain’ (the hardest) because its the only level in where you get to send score, and hopefully receive a high score and a few dubloons!

So unto the strategy. Many people complain that they cannot score goals because simply, the guys are too hard to control, the reaction time, the sliding surface, no wonder its hard. Well, you know the saying? If its too hard, why try it? Well, in this case it applies. If you wanna know how to score over 5 goals each time you play, try this.

Out of all the guides here, I would probably agree with Curtis S. Play offensively.

First of all:
Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Captain

The ball comes out at different speeds. But the idea is to break up each of those speeds into what I call as ‘rebounds’. When the ball hits a wall, that’s a rebound. Easy. Sometimes you will get a very slow ball. I call it 0.5 rebound or 0 rebound. 0.5 meaning it went half way down. These are obviously bad rebounds because the Mirgle will intercept.

Other rebounds you will get are:
1 – Bad rebound
1.5 – Very good rebound
2 – Good rebound
2.5 – Bad rebound