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First thing you must do is push the boulder to your right, all the way until it is over the balloon, it must be exactly over the balloon, you’ll find out why later. Now go all the way left, go down past the spike gate, all the way down, go two right, then up collecting all the diamonds. Then go down and push the balloon to the right, go up two and all the way right, lighting the two stacks of TNT.

If you want full points, go on the left side of the three chests and get the middle first, then the top, leave the bottom one for now. go one left and quickly down, lighting the TNT. Collect the extra key next to the yellow balloon and go through the chest underneath the spike gate, light the TNT and quickly press down as far as possible.

Illusen by tabbycat478

Kym Huynh —  February 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

A young faerie sat alone in a silent forest. Crying softly, her tears ran down her face. She was a dark faerie, condemned to living a life of hatred and despair. A life she loathed above all else. Her long purple hair was messy, and there was dirt on her face. She cried for she remembered the injustice that she had just witnessed. The pain that she felt.

“Why?” she sobbed,”Why must things be this way? Must we always fight? Must we always hate?”Suddenly, a light appeared, floating above the young dark faerie. Already amazed, she jumped when it spoke.”You are a dark faerie, yet your heart is pure. You want to stop the war. How do you intend to do this?” The faerie lowered her eyes. “I am an outcast, hated by both sides. There is nothing I can do.”