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Marcus, Rachel, Kym (the veterans), Evan and The Wonder Weezel (first-timers) unite to bring you the welcome-back show! We discuss Neopets mobile, Neopets premium, ponder whether blocking the advertisements will get you frozen, Altador plot prizes, the Lutari talisman, and the beginning of the Cyrodrake’s Gaze plot.


Want up to date information on how to solve the latest mystery of Cyrodrake’s Gaze? This place provides up-to-date information on the latest finds and discoveries, and also provides a historical archive of plot advancements for those starting out late.

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Kym, Emma, and Evan return with two new hosts Matthew and Adex at the helm to bring you an episode that identifies the growing problem of obesity in Neopets. We also discuss what the ugliest neopet in Neopia is, and consider the question of the Grundo and whether the species is generally evil. We once again turn our attention to the Cyrodrake’s Gaze plot and consider the coming of a new oriental themed world.