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Please note: ALL contests are now banned from Neopets. Please do not read this article (even though it is quite good).

Basic Steps
1.) Get a good rare item (neggs, faeries, p/bs, etc.)
2.) Get a lot of misc. items
3.) Price them fairly to the nearest hundred.
4.) Price the rare item(s) at 99999np (just incase someone does buy it.)
5.) Now, in your shop description tell the people something like, “1st place gets the rare item!!” or something. Make it fair by making it a drawing contest. (ex. 100np= 1 ticket.) If you want to, make a date as to when the contest ends. Don’t tell them that you are trying to obtain a certain item, as they will think it’s a scam. Also never make a contest that says something like, ” I will tell you a secret if…” and so on.

When I first joined up with Neopets in 2003,i was just an average user. I collected the daily dos and played a few games and remained average, I didn’t even have many neofriends! However, if someone told me my pet would be winning a beauty contest whilst I played on Neopets, I wouldn’t have believed them for toffee! and guess what, I still don’t believe it now!

For some reason the beauty contest seemed attractive to me, perhaps the thought of a gleaming trophy on my pets page was just too exciting but whatever it was, I entered straight away without hesitation.