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Hunt For Hidden Avatars!
Top 10 Dung Items
The Snowager
The Advent Calendar by Theresa Richmond
The Plushie Tycoon
Battling on a Budget
The Snazziest Shop in Neopia!
To Zap or Not to Zap! by Alison Wainwright
Adventures in Neopia
Oooh… Pretty!
Dominating Deckball
Deck Builders by Michael Elliott of Wizards of the Coast
Neopets TCG Card Checklist
More Cards to Contemplate
Surfing Neopia
Pet Plushie Guide!
The Perfect Gift


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The Editorial
Lenny Trivia Challenge

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Neopets Art Gallery
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Neopets Comic

The ever-extortionate Neopets: The Official Magazine (Not to be confused with all those other non-official Neopets magazines out there) is here, and boy, does it cost a lot of money! As it was once said in a press conference held by the Secretary of Office of Position, (and I quote), “There is possibly no better way to revive the foundering economy than to find something that people are going to spend a lot of money on, and then charge a lot of money for it.” Yes indeed, those words are just as true today as they were a few minutes ago when I made that quote up, and it’s clear from looking at the latest

Neopets Columns

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Writers of every calibre and background support PPT and it’s endeavour to provide visitors with up-to-date hints, tips and articles. Well here are some of them, located right here for your convenience!

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In a Neopian World
By diva_brat
My View… and Yours