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1. You decide to wake up, and begin cooking breakfast.
2. You decide that it’s too deep. You try and find another way in.
3. You try to wake it up.
4. You reach into your pocket and give them a chocolate kacheek.
5. You follow.
6. You ask immediately, what those are.
7. “That’s very noble of them to praise their ancestors that way”, you think to yourself.
8. Wow! You’ve escaped the many perils of the coconut people! Now, they’re your friends for life! Lucky you!

Try choosing some of the wrong answers, they can be very funny!

Well, that about wraps it up. I hope it helps. NOTE: You DO NOT win neopoints from this game. It is just for fun. But the game does not take any neopoints to play either, so have fun! – Will Day