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So you’ve decided to take on the Game King’s challenge, but need help getting past his annoying servant? Well, you’ve come to the right guide!

First, we’ll choose a character. If you use Abigail and beat the game, you’ll only receive 4000 neopoints. However, if you beat the game by playing AAA, her brother, you’ll win 5000 neopoints.

The number one thing that helped me most of all, while playing the game, is familiarizing myself with the keys on my keyboard, and which fingers I will be using to push them throughout the game; thus making it easy to remember which button to push when needed at the time.

Why are there no male faeries in Neopia?! I’m sure they’d also look… cool… too! Starting August 10 2006 and ending September 10 2006 (running for one month), PPT is running an art competition for all you artists out there to conceptualize and come up with your own versions of how you think a male faerie in Neopia would look like!

What is the challenge?

The challenge is to draw what you think a male faerie in Neopia would look like.

Does it have to be a certain type of faerie?

The faerie can be fire, water, earth, air, light, tooth, space, the faerie king, whatever it is you want. The only condition is that there must be an existing female counter-part on Neopets currently.