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Chapter 1: Shoyru Dreams

Madison Raquel or MadiRaq for short, as she preferred to be called longingly turned the pages of her fully-illustrated Neopets Index, skimming the thick book until she found the chapter shed read countless times the Shoyru chapter.

More than anything, MadiRaq wanted a Shoyru, a cute dragon-like NeoPet. Since she was a little girl, MadiRaq had seen Neopians walking their Neopets, and very few of them were Shoyrus. But MadiRaq had seen them. On TV Shows, in magazines and books, and even once at the Neopets Pound. Why someone would abandon such a loving creature as a Shoyru she never could fathom, and MadiRaq had immediately asked her mother if they could adopt a Shoyru from the Pound.