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Castle Battles Tips

Kym Huynh —  April 26, 2018 — Leave a comment

Move the cannon ball when it is in the air

I discovered just yesterday that there is slightly more than just moving your cannonball once it hits the ground on the enemy side. In fact, instead of moving the ball while it’s on the ground, you can move it as it flies through the air! This is helpful because it’s very hard to use the red crosshairs to aim properly at the castle, and steering the ball in mid air helps to be way more accurate. – therianwolf

Moving the cannon ball

Once your cannon ball lands on the ground onto the enemy’s side, you can move it a little with the arrow keys. This is useful for moving the cannonball over to the treasure and knocking it down – knd1994123

Castle Battles Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

Use two supercannonball cannonballs

First you have to fire a cannonball then type supercannonball as it reaches Skarl’s castle. Then before he fires, you have to restart the game. The first shot you fire will be a super cannon ball and you can still use the cheat. Neat huh?

Maintain the effects of supercannonball

Turns out when you type the cheat *supercannonball* right after blasting Skarl’s castle, the impact of the cannonball will repeat itself, only stronger. Then on your next turn you get the football shaped cannonball. – superhuman 163

Football cannon ball

If you type supercannonball (once per game) you will get a football shaped cannon and it will destroy everything in your way. – kingjon21

Prevent mistakes and speed up game play

To prevent mistakes and speed up game play when typing the scramble into an anagram solver, type it into your toolbar’s search engine (usually on the top right of your browser). You can then copy and paste it into an anagram solver opened in another tab. – by aikuhimeheathe


Have you noticed that Eliv Thade can be rearranged into Evil Death? – by xL00Hx

The strange non-moving square

If you click on the square you are standing on, you will have to answer an anagram with random letters. If you answer correctly though, nothing happens, you don’t get any score but if you get it wrong, you lose a life. – by rafern_hardon

Firstly, I’ve found that the castle you gain after defeating level 5 is the best to use for this game. It’s a dense castle, so it forms dense rubble with its pieces as they come down. Since the castles don’t rebuild between levels, this is perhaps the best measure of a castle’s quality for defense.

Placing your treasure: Always place your treasure at a 90-degree corner. Do this because it’s behind a thin wall, which is harder to hit accurately. Further, the blocks that are open to Skarl’s attacks will tumble overtop of the treasure, which makes it harder to move. I usually place mine outside my castles, but that’s up to you.

Dear friends at PPT,

My name is prettywomant3_99 and the other day I was on my other account playing Castle of Eliv for the first time and I was having a hard time with the game so I’ve discovered a way to make the game a lot easier.

I had tried the dictionary before on my own and it just wasn’t fast or easy enough to use with this game, so then I remembered seeing anagram search on a site a while ago. Since that was long ago and my computer had went through a bad hard drive lost and I didn’t remember the name of the site I search the dictionaries sites on yahoo and found the dictionary site who happen to have the link to the anagram search site.