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Getting a Lot

First off you have to get your land to build on. Now u can spend 25,000 points on a fairly land, or spend 1,000 points on a Neopian Central land that will, in the long run, look the same. Your choice, but because this is to have a Great but affordable NeoHome I suggest you go with the Neopian Central land.


Ok now I know that a lot of people have hallways. But really what’s the point of them? Think about it…how much time do u spend in the hallways of your home? I’ll tell you, besides actually going to a room, none. You mostly spend your time actually in a room. Yes it might not make clear sense that you have not made a way for your pets to get to each room. But really in the long run you will save points by just leaving out the hallways which would just turn into a run-down square.