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Advent Calendar 2006

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Advent Calendar 2006
July 7th

Beach Sandcastle Set & Tropical Swim Trunks & 1000 Neopoints

December 1st

Brain Tree Pop-up Card & Decorated Artificial Brain Tree & 350 Neopoints

Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use ‘Plastic Fir’ as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

December 2nd

Fir Tree Ornament & Sleeping Tonu Plushie & 401 Neopoints

Neopian Calender

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The month of Sleeping

Jan 3rd – Aisha Day
Jan 11th – Festival of Buzz. (Buzz Day)
Jan 14th – Sloth Appreciation Day
Jan 16th – Elephante Day
Jan 29th – Kacheek Day

The month of Awakening

Feb 3rd – Zafara Day
Feb 4th – Jhudora Day
Feb 12th – Lenny Festival (Lenny Day)
Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day and Neopians everywhere are sending each other messages of Lurve!
Feb 18th – Chocolate Chia Day (Chia Day)
Feb 21st – Tonu Day
Feb 22nd – Mynci Day

The month of Running

March – Gadgadsbogen – The Mystery Island festival of fruit!
Mar 2nd – Uni Day, A holiday honouring Neopia’s most vain creatures
Mar 3rd – Cancelled due to lack of interest

Advent Calender 2002

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Advent Calender 2002
December 1st

White Kougra Plushie & Tree Shaped cookies & 1000 Neopoints

December 2nd

Brandy Butter & Pull Along Gelert & 100 Neopoints

December 3rd

Gingerbread Mynci & Fire Faerie & 150 Neopoints

December 4th

Seasonal Pudding & Snow Wars Collectable Card & 50 Neopoints

Neopets Cheats

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Learn all of Neopets little tips and tricks here to get that competitive edge over the next Neopets player.

All Neopets
Altador Cup Prizes 2007
Bank Interest Rates
Basic Tips
Battle Faerie
Battledome Tips
Coltzan’s Shrine Secrets
Cooking Pot Recipes
Diseases and Cures
Employment Agency Tips
Faerie Abilities Table
Food Tips
Fountain Faerie Quests
Gelert Story
Get Krawk
Get Rich Tips
Get Stronger
Golden Dubloon Menu
Gourmet Foods List
Guild Tips
Heal Faster
Hidden Tower
Illusen’s Quest Levels
Important Times
Increase Random Events
Jhudora’s Quest Levels
Kelp Menu Prices
Missing Page Easter Eggs
Money Tree Tips
Mushroom Effects
Negg Effects
Negg Values
NeoBoard Easter Eggs
NeoBoard Emoticons
NeoHome Guide
Neopet Statistic Levels
Neopets Battledome
Neopets Shop Secrets
Neopets Sidebars
Neopets Stock Market
Neopian Times Quotes
Other Faeries
Quest Secrets
Random Events Listing
Safety Deposit Box Tips
Shop Wizard Secrets
Shop Wizard Utilization
Spell Faeries
Symol Hole Effects
Transfer a Neopet
Uber Faeries
Unlisted Locations