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First you will want to know that the max NP you can get from this game is 1000. So once you get over 1000 points in game you can quit unless your going for a high score. If you use my tips getting 1000 isnt a problem at all. So this game will give you an easy free 3000pts a day a tidy sum if I say so myself

Tip #1: ALWAYS keep your mouse at the top of the screen this will help you stay right under the target your trying to bubble. Often you will over or under shoot a target when the mouse is by the turtle.

Jubble Bubble is an action game that was rated medium difficulty by TNT. It has a point:neopoint ratio of 100: 80

Object – The object of the game is to help Kelby, the maraquan Shoyru, save the falling maraquan JubJubs by cushioning their fall with giant bubbles blown out of his mouth.

The basics – You use your mouse to position Kelby under the falling objects, then you click and hold your mouse to shoot out an aimer- a stream of bubbles. When you release the mouse, Kelby will blow a big bubble out of his mouth that will go up to the height of the stream of bubbles. The bubble must make contact with the falling object at the end of the stream of bubbles or else the object won’t get trapped inside, it’ll just keep falling. Why do I keep saying objects instead of JubJubs? Because there aren’t just JubJubs, there are also two other objects that fall- dubloons and sea shells. You get three lives, and you lose a life every time a jubjub hits the ocean floor. As the game progresses, the jubjubs fall faster and faster.

In this game, you play as Kelby, a Maraquan Shoyru. You have to cushion the JubJubs’ fall before they splat onto the ocean floor. How? By blowing out bubbles to help them fall safely. As time passes by, the JubJubs fall faster, so get ready. Lose three JubJubs and the game is over! Its that simple!


Use your mouse to move Kelby. To catch a JubJub in a bubble, position yourself beneath it, click & hold the left mouse button to adjust the distance that the bubble will travel. To release the bubble, let go of the mouse button.


JubJub = 10 pts
Dubloon = 25 pts

In the true spirit of ball like games, comes Bubble Yum’s Blowout game, where you will have to knock out all the blocks or balls from the top, before they come down and make you eat them all 🙂

Using your faithful sidekick duck, you can aim him/her towards the balls of food and shoot them! The type of food duck will shoot is totally random, but the aim is to destroy everything, then you can advance to the next level. Once you group a certain type of food together (three or more) then that specific block will disappear. Anything below that block will also disappear and this aspect of the game is very important.