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Kreludan Mining Corp. Tips

Kym Huynh —  February 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

Bonus points
Submitted by knd1994123
On the 1st level of Kredulan Mining Corp., shoot the ceiling. A rock will break and you will find a crystal pick it up with the beam for bonus points.

Drop the orb when in danger
Written by marcus aurelius
If you drop the orb by pressing ‘n’ when it swings out of control and appears to collide into a wall, you will save yourself from losing a turn. Simply go back to where you picked up the orb and another one will be in its place!

Bonus points (5)

Shoot the first cart of the rollercoaster in the background. Points are tallied at the end of the game. – knd1994123

Add more time to the clock

If you need more time while playing Dr Sloth’s Carnival of Terror, type “custard”. If you typed it correctly, you’ll hear the sound it makes when you hit a clock. You should have more time. It works only one time, so spare it for the end! – Dragonsteel4

Bonus points (20)
Submitted by knd1994123
Destroy the rocks in the top left corner for a 20 point gem.

Gain an extra life
Submitted by mrfudge37
If you type in “kreludor” while playing Kreludan Mining Corp., you will get an extra life. This code only works once per game.