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Looking for some free Neopets adoptables to spruce up your website, pet page, guild layout, shop layout, user lookup or whatever else you may have? Of course you are.

Contained here are some free-to-use adoptables. Download and use at will. Enjoy.

Bouncy Supreme is a game where you must jump from one pillar to another. You play as a jelly Blumaroo who is trying to get back home while avoiding the dinosaur. You are timed and have three lives. There are many games that are similar to this one, so you may already know how to play. This game is a fun game to play to earn lots of neopoints.

During the first couple of turns, you will have a guideline that makes it really easy. When you have a guideline, all you have to do is follow it. After the first couple turns, the guideline disappears. There are no bonuses to get on the turns with the guideline. Once the guideline has disappeared, you will be able to earn gold and silver coins. Coins increase your score, and if you get them all, your time will extend. On some turns, if you bring the white line to the first coin it will work, but that is not something that will work every time. The easiest way to get it right is just to look at it. Usually, you can figure out how much angle and power to apply.

 Blumaroo Island Guild Layout preview

Pretty up your Neopets Guild using our pre-made Guild layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Blumaroo Island Guild Layout

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