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To use this strategy, you have to label the Cellblock board with numbers 1 10 across the top and letters A J down the side. You can also make the numbers on the side and the letters on the top for four other variations of this strategy which are actually just mirror versions of the other four.

This strategy deals with forcing the computer to move in a predicted way and ending up with two lines of your pieces (meaning your have three or four pieces in a row) on the board so that there would be no move that the computer could make to block you from winning. To read the chart, start with the blue square on the far left and put your first piece on D7. All of your moves are colored and the computers moves are white. If the computer puts a piece his piece on D4, you should follow the arrow up and make your next move: D6. If the computer puts his piece on G7, your next move will be E7. Keep reading the chart from the left to the right.

An Update From Calic0Paws

First, let me know that I love your site, and I’ve used it many times and its great. But recently, I’ve just read an article, “Winning The Beauty Contest” by Neofrog140. I have a great suspicion that this article was written before the “great change” in the Beauty Contest when Neopets changed. If you don’t remember, Neopets once was able to show the “winning” neopets that currently had the most votes, and how much votes your pets currently has. But not very long ago, neopets took that feature off. Now there is no page showing the winning pets and does not show the owner or the entry viewer how many votes that pet has. This was to discourage trading votes. Before the great change, the neopets Beauty contest boards were filled with topics on trading votes, where the traders would trade by their pets vote numbers. Now, Neopets very very strictly prohibit the trading of votes, and now there is absolutely no vote trading going on in the boards. Unlike the writing of the article said, trading votes are BAD, not good. Another problem that I especially disliked, was when the author told the reader to “get a friend who can actually draw” to make your entry for you. This goes against every single code an artist has, and ever since Neopets created any art contests there was a rule that did now allow people to submit another’s picture. Although no one can really tell who drew the original picture, telling people that it is ok makes things a lot worse. I recently checked the author of this article on neopets (if his/her username is indeed Neofrog140) and he or she was not present. Either his/her username is not Neofrog140 or he/she had been long frozen by the neopets staff.

The Beauty Contest: A way where you can express your artistic talents and your love for Neopets at the same time. On a normal Neopian day, I was happily clicking around in Pet Central and came across the front page of the Beauty Contest. Being a Neopian for a while, I was familiar with the Beauty Contest and how people spammed the Neochats all over just to gain one vote for their pet. My friend had entered the Beauty Contest before and despite her drawing being the best one out of the entries, she did not win. I decided that day to have a go at this “Beauty Contest”. Excuse me for thinking that I could enter the Beauty Contest and win a decent trophy that I deserve.

Neopets Etiquette – How to be regarded as a ‘classy’ Neopian
Written by snapper_

You open your neomail to find someone saying “I got hacked and now have 0 nps, you look rich can you please buy me a paint brush?” or something similar. This is what you call a beggar and is regarded as poor neopian etiquette.

Neopian Etiquette comes in many different forms, on the trading post for instance if you ask for 1np on a Baby paint brush and don’t accept it, this is considered poor etiquette. Sometimes people go out of their way to find the item you are looking for on your wish list and if you don’t accept it this can be considered quite rude and nasty.