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First off is Neopia Central. This is your starting point. Make sure you obtain a pet, because you really cannot go much of anywhere without one. Neopia Central has your inventory, your safety deposit box, the bank, and some stores. It contains the hospital should your pet get sick and the auction house.

There are some shops/stores/huts for sponsors as well. Currently there is Thinkway Toys™ who produces the Neopets talking toys, Wizards of the Coast

Bank Interest Rates

Shoyru_Lover —  January 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

Have you ever thought about placing your neopoints in the bank to earn extra interest everyday? If it’s going to make you more neopoints, for doing nothing, then why not! The only catch is, you’ll only start receiving substantial amounts of interest returns after you have deposited a considerable sum of neopoints in the bank. Is it worth it? Of course! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Because there are 13 different types of bank accounts, the bank has been set up, to only allow you to progress to the higher returns account after you have deposited a ‘minimum’ amount in the bank. For instance, you will only be able to earn 11% interest a year on your bank deposits if you have at least 5,000,000 neopoints in your account. Hard? If you play smart and don’t spend all your neopoints, you’ll reach that benchmark in no time. A good strategy, is to put half your earned neopoints for that day into the bank, and then spend the other half on whatever you want.