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Neopian Calender

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The month of Sleeping

Jan 3rd – Aisha Day
Jan 11th – Festival of Buzz. (Buzz Day)
Jan 14th – Sloth Appreciation Day
Jan 16th – Elephante Day
Jan 29th – Kacheek Day

The month of Awakening

Feb 3rd – Zafara Day
Feb 4th – Jhudora Day
Feb 12th – Lenny Festival (Lenny Day)
Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day and Neopians everywhere are sending each other messages of Lurve!
Feb 18th – Chocolate Chia Day (Chia Day)
Feb 21st – Tonu Day
Feb 22nd – Mynci Day

The month of Running

March – Gadgadsbogen – The Mystery Island festival of fruit!
Mar 2nd – Uni Day, A holiday honouring Neopia’s most vain creatures
Mar 3rd – Cancelled due to lack of interest