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Altador Cup Prizes 2007

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The Altador Cup Coordinating Committee’s Prize Shop Subcommittee Chairman greets you as you enter the shop. “Welcome! You’ve come to spend your Altador Cup prize points, I take it? Well, we’ve got quite a selection for you here today. Feel free to look around before you decide…”

So you’ve completed the Altador plot and want to know what prizes are available now? Well wonder no more my Neopian friend, for below is the complete list to all the plot prizes available.

Didn’t complete the Altador plot? Unfortunately you won’t be able to access these prizes, but don’t worry; there is always next time.

For those who are about to collect their prizes, a good tip is to keep the prizes in your Safety Deposit Box for a long time as they usually appreciate in value. Just make sure you choose a good prize and not one that everyone can get.

Altador Plot Solutions

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Want up to date information on how to solve the latest Altador plot? This place provides up-to-date information on the latest finds and discoveries, and also provides a historical archive of plot advancements for those starting out late.

Altador Plot Forum Threads

These forum threads contain all the latest information. They can be accessed by everyone, but to contribute to the discussion and share information, you will need to register at the PPT Forum to become a PPT member. Only the latest forum thread can be contributed to as older threads become archived. The latest threads appear at the top (for example, the lower the number, the older the thread).

Altador Cup V Team Rosters

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16 teams make up this year’s Altador Cup competition including the above featured Team Moltara. Take a good long look folks because soon you will be choosing one team that you think best represents you and your interests.

Team Tyrannia

Team Shenkuu

Team Roo Island

Team Mystery Island

Team Moltara

Team Meridell

Team Maraqua

Team Lost Desert

Team Kreludor

Team Krawk Island

Team Kiko Lake

Team Haunted Woods

Team Faerieland

Team Darigan Citadel

Team Brightvale

Team Altador

Over time Ive developed a felling that Adam who Is one of the founders of Neopets has left in the last few years or so. How can that be? Well today Ill try to explain what makes me think this.

Do you remember the whole Guildmasters’ Dinner plot that never happened? You could tell that things werent right, it kept being delayed and you could tell that tensions were high within the office. Analyse the following quote from one of the editorials from the Neopian times.

Are you ever going to finish the Guildmasters’ Dinner? – Coww_coolie_o4
I have updated the guildmaster’s dinner. Unfortunately we do not have time to finish it, it was bad timing on our part. A lot of unforeseen things happened both work and non-work related that prevented us from completing it. Now it is better for us to move on and make sure it never happens again.