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Marcus, Rachel, Kym (the veterans), Evan and The Wonder Weezel (first-timers) unite to bring you the welcome-back show! We discuss Neopets mobile, Neopets premium, ponder whether blocking the advertisements will get you frozen, Altador plot prizes, the Lutari talisman, and the beginning of the Cyrodrake’s Gaze plot.


On the 18th March the hall of heroes opened. Unlabelled on the map, it was found be clicking here:

This leads to the Hall of Heroes.

The Hall of Heroes is a monument to the great legends of Altador. Twelve enormous statues stand in a circle, King Altador foremost among them. In the back-right corner of the room stands a rather familiar looking Janitor. You approach the janitor. He looks strangely familiar.

Well hello,” he says. “Pretty hall we got here, eh? Lovely statues. Too bad it’s so dimly lit. I think this button here is supposed to do something, but I can’t figure out what.”