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Please note: ALL contests are now banned from Neopets. Please do not read this article (even though it is quite good).

Basic Steps
1.) Get a good rare item (neggs, faeries, p/bs, etc.)
2.) Get a lot of misc. items
3.) Price them fairly to the nearest hundred.
4.) Price the rare item(s) at 99999np (just incase someone does buy it.)
5.) Now, in your shop description tell the people something like, “1st place gets the rare item!!” or something. Make it fair by making it a drawing contest. (ex. 100np= 1 ticket.) If you want to, make a date as to when the contest ends. Don’t tell them that you are trying to obtain a certain item, as they will think it’s a scam. Also never make a contest that says something like, ” I will tell you a secret if…” and so on.

XweetokHosted by Dave, Kelly, Jonathon and Kym, this welcome back edition of the PPT Show talks about all the drastic changes that have occurred on Neopets over the past few months including Neopets TV, the increase in banner advertising, Neopets’ plots, the plot prizes, the second round of the Altador Cup, the new daily puzzle, Neopets Cash and the customisation of your neopet.


Hosts Evan, Kym, and Emma join newcomer Siobhan to bring this informative yet hilarious edition of The PPT Show. In this episode we listen in as the hosts discuss some various rumors floating around Neopets such as the new war, Neopets advertising (specifically their “We’re Bringing Sexy Back” campaign), the Neopets commercial, freeze bots on Neopets and we also listen to them discuss how the hosting and show quality has improved in the two years The PPT Show has existed.


1. Opening Your Shop

Dont rush into opening your shop. You could take all of the time you need. The best time to open a shop is when you have above 5,000 neopoints because then youll have enough to restock at least once in 2 weeks.

2. Greeting Message

Your greeting message should be something welcoming and not commanding. For example, Come in and buy something, or else… is not a good greeting message. Along with messages that beg people to donate and messages that sound cheesy, like, Buy, Buy, Buy! A good greeting message is something like, Welcome, come in and look around. Or just simply, Welcome to my shop Good greeting messages are short and simple.