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Broke every day? Read on. The problem is, while some Neopians are millionaires, some are straight out flat broke. And you wonder: What’s their secret? Well, I happen to know some. Read on.

1.) Go to Tombola, the Healing Springs, Coltzan’s Shrine, Fruit Machine and the great big Omelette in Tyrannia EVERY DAY. Most people know this, but sometimes you forget and that makes you miss out on something really rare. So GO TO THESE PLACES EVERY SINGLE DAY. Never know, that ol’ Tombola guy might do you some good.

2.) Go to the Money Tree. Occasionally. Most people think this is impossible. But I’ve found that clicking on the items at the bottom of the screen on the left gets you more things. Why? Because most people just want to hurry hurry, so they grab the things next to the scrollbar on the top. Just press the Page Down button on your keyboard; it’s a lot faster than scrolling. And you might find some rare things at the bottom. It may take awhile before you get the hang of it though. So dig deep!