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The Advent Calendar is located in Happy Valley. If you go to the Advent Calendar at any time of the year other than the Month of Celebrating, a crying, Christmas Ashia will tell you that it is only open in the Month of Celebrating. But when it is the Month of Celebrating, a clip is played each day and shows you what some neopets, faeries etc. do at that time of the year.

By clicking on the ‘Collect Your Prize’ button, you can get freebies that vary from Plastic Firs and Snowager Sculptures to Small Metal Shields and Feepits and you’ll also get free neopoints. But you can only get some freebies once a day and only in the snowing Month of Celebrating, that means you can get free items at the cold Happy Valley thirty-one times a year. But the Month of Celebrating isn’t all smiles, laughter and happiness for Neopains, neopets, faeries, petpets and petpetpets in neopia. That evil Pant Devil has come thanks to the Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar 2000

Kym Huynh —  October 5, 2011 — Leave a comment


Advent Calendar 2000
December 1st
Wet Snowball & 200 Neopoints
December 2nd

Orange Negg & 100 Neopoints

December 3rd

Rainbow Negg & Blue Negg

December 4th

Ice Negg & 150 Neopoints

December 5th

Rainborific Slushie & Chocolate Chip cookie Slushie & 300 Neopoints

December 6th

Berry Cola Slushie & 500 Neopoints

December 7th

Blue Pop Slushie & 350 Neopoints

December 8th

Aisha Ice Totem & Ultimate Ice Negg

December 9th

Blue Healthshroom & 1000 Neopoints

December 10th

Yellow Healthshroom & 50 Neopoints

December 11th

Strawberry Ice Cream & 150 Neopoints

December 12th

Pepperminto Slushie & 250 Neopoints

December 13th

Green Healthshroom & 350 Neopoints

December 14th

Sketch a Pic & Quiggle Keychain & 450 Neopoints

December 15th

550 Neopoints

December 16th

Space Slushie & 300 Neopoints


December 16th

Chocolate Ice Cream & 800 Neopoints

December 17th

Chocolate Ice Cream & 800 Neopoints

Dave, Helena, Jonny and Lee bring you this festive edition of The Pink Poogle Toy Show. Discussing topics ranging from 2007’s Advent Calendar to the Neovision Holiday Contest to the phrase “TNT” being censored on the NeoBoards to the Carnival of Terror game on Neopets, TNT is defnitely “the bomb”.