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He battled ferocious storms, he braved chilling odds and he ran the whole 9 yards to bring you what we know as Neopets today. But do you really know who Adam really is? In a Pink Poogle Toy exclusive, we chased after Adam, we badgered him with relentless phone calls and we dogged his every move, until he finally gave in and gave us this up-close-and-personal interview, where we dig until there is nothing left to dig for, and we uncover astounding secrets about Adam. But if you think that’s all, just wait until you see what Adam revealed about the Neopets crew and the game history! For instance, did you know that we could have been playing Varmints? Read on and find out more wicked facts!

We’re back everyone! Lee, Ella Cumber and Kym Huynh snuggle up pretty darn close to Neopets’ creators Adam Powell and Donna Williams to find out what they really think about Neopets today and to find out what really happened when they left Neopets! (Exclusive! Exclusive! Exclusive!)

  • The departure of Adam Powell and Donna Williams.
  • NeoHomes 2.0: Bringing back the Neopets!
  • What Adam thinks Neopets’ biggest strength lies.
  • An update on “Neopets the Movie”.
  • Adam Powell and Donna Williams locked out of their accounts?!
  • Adam tells us what really happened to the Brucey B plot ending.

Evan, Kym, Daveand Drake return as veteran hosts to bring you episode 31 of The PPT Show. Pointing their minds to poignant questions such as whether or not Neopets support obesity, the unlikely quadruple threat explore unchartered territory in the first interstate podcast episode. Topics covered in this episode include the NC spotlight, Adam Powell and Donna William’s signing of the PPT collage, the new Neopets merchandise coming soon, Neopets new drive to release a lot of games, PPT 2.0, and Neopets plots.


In an emergency show episode, Kym and Dave team up to report on the shocking revelation of Neostudios; has Neopets finally bowed down to consumerism or is Neostudios another great addition to the Neopets website? Also on the agenda today is the stark revelation that Adam Powell and Donna Williams are most likely no longer at Neopets. Dave gives us some great tips on Neopets’ new game “Shenkuu River Rush” and we formally introduce the first Neopets’ band “The Pink Poogle Toys”.


Episode #1 brings in two new hosts, Emma and Marissa (Fiddelyquat), who join Darcie and Kym in an action-packed, insane-randomness filled show about banner ads on Neopets, Doug Dohring and his links to Scientology, the PPTbies, the Neopets Sogo event, some general information about Adam Powell and Donna Williams, immersive advertising, our theories about why Neopets goes offline, and Pokemon and its implications on Neopets.