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You my have been hacked or scammed but did you know you could get your account back? Well you can but they may had taken some items or NP but you can get rid of them just read this article and do what it says!

1. If you login three times and the Bad Password screen shows up all times then you probably lost your account!

2. Act fast!

3. Type your username in the Forgot your password box.

4. You will soon get the new password in your email inbox. The hacker or scammer probably changed your password so they could keep your account!

Category – Action
Rating – Easy
Points to Neopoints ratio – 1:2

Defender Trainer is categorized with a green star for a reason: it really is an easy game, and a good way to make 2000 Neopoints or more in just a few minutes every day.

The biggest advice I can give you for this game is to click on the right answer ‘as quickly as possible, ESPECIALLY in the earlier levels, because the point value for each answer goes down the longer it takes you. If you run out of time, you’ll lose a life, and you will need as many lives as possible when the game gets fast.

Snowball Fight Tips

Kym Huynh —  October 7, 2015 — Leave a comment

What not to shoot and what to watch out for

For starters don’t shoot at the little neopets in the back of the screen just shoot at the big ones. Don’t shoot the faeries. Now you can get major neopoints if you do it correctly. Watch the wind and aim away in the direction the wind is going. – casey

Draconis stood looking out the window. The snow was coming down in big white flakes making him shiver. The little blue Scorchio hated snow, furthermore, he hated the cold even more. When it was cold, his scales became dry and flaked off in big itchy patches. Brrr, why did he have to be where it was cold?

His friends, the Aisha, Cosnibmoses and the Wocky, Dakota both had nice thick fur covering their small frames. The cold never seemed to bother them. As for Greepies, the Grundo, she was an alien with a very thick hide. No one knew if she ever felt cold. If she did, Greepies never mentioned it. Tired of looking out at the gloomy sky and the white stuff falling from it, Draconis went and took out his action figures. He was an avid Battle for Meridell games player and often spent hours lining his action figures up for battle.

There are 12 pictures and 3 possible questions per picture.

Picture 1 of 12

  • What colour is the spider on Spider-Man’s chest? Black
  • Which of Spider-Man’s shoulders has Venom injured? His right
  • What colour are the eyes for the Spider-Man costume? Silver

Picture 2 of 12

  • What is on the wall in the top left corner? Fan
  • What colours are on Spider-Man’s costume? Red and blue
  • What pattern is on Sandman’s shirt? Stripes

Picture 3 of 12

  • What colour are Eddie’s eyes? Green
  • What is on the front of Eddie’s T-shirt? A Stain
  • What is Eddie wearing over his T-shirt? Hooded sweatshirt

Picture 4 of 12

  • What colour is the wall behind Harry? Gold
  • What colour is Harry’s suit? Black
  • (more…)