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There are some Neopets users who spend hours on their accounts, working hard by playing games and restocking. I am not one of them. I play 10 or so games a day, get my daily freebies, maybe do some work in my shop, and make sure my Neopets are healthy, happy, and well cared for. If I have some money to spare Ill train them. Usually I spend a month or so advancing the skills and knowledge of each pet. Here is my easy guide to earning about 10k in one hour or less.

1. Healing Springs. (Faerie Land) I go there first because you can return every half hour. This place is especially good if your pet is ill, as it may be healed for free instead of you having to purchase those overpriced medicines.

Episode 27 of The PPT Show brings together Evan, Kym, Dave, Siobhan, Jonny and new host Robin in an episode about the Neopian auctions, the concept of Neopets name stalking, how often name freeing occurs and why or why it happens. They also consider whether the Neoboards have gone too far and tips on how to make a successful Neopets guild. The show finishes with the hosts exploring the world of Neopia’s faerie quests so hold onto your horses and prepare to laugh out loud as the hosts lose the plot … officially!


I am Rachel. aka rachelsyuker, or hooraybait5522, or o0rachelsyuker0o, or, well, you get the point. I have had over 20 accounts. I lost them all through some way or another, and none because they were frozen. I want to tell everyone how easy it is to just lose your account. It can happen in the wink of an eye, for many reasons or for no reason at all.

here are some obvious ways to lose your account that you can lookout for:


You click on a link in a shop, maybe a fake item or something. Suddenly, you see a neopets login page. You enter your neopets username and password, and get sent back to the site instantly. but in reality, you fell for a simple scam placed by a simple minded scammer.