Unveiling Pink Poogle Toy: 2011

Shoyru_Lover —  January 7, 2011 — 12 Comments

If you visit Pink Poogle Toy today, you might be a little bit surprised at the change that you see before you.

You might rub your eyes once, twice or maybe even thrice, but don’t fret, Pink Poogle Toy is still here. It has just been cleaned up, better coded, what we believe to be a better implementation, and better… well… everything.

After seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks running over the entire website with a fine-tooth comb, endless planning sessions and coding marathons, we are absolutely proud to present to you today this year’s incarnation of Pink Poogle Toy, and we’re absolutely ecstatic with the result!

The motivation behind the change

We wanted to bring Pink Poogle Toy back to its grass-roots and core focus: (1) the content; and (2) the community.

With thousands of pages and articles, guides, cheats and other associated content, we wanted to implement a system that makes locating what you want to find, easier, faster and better.

Featuring content that Neopets players create

To this end, we have implemented numerous features around the website that features articles, content and editorial picks in highly visible areas to feature the content that Neopets players create.

Packaged with related content alerts and editorial picks, we believe that we have hit our stride in sorting through, managing and featuring the content that Neopets players create.

Continuing the tradition of Neopets content

Due to our heavy focus of content, all content-related features have been moved to the top.

For easier reading and consumption of Pink Poogle Toy content, we have completely cleaned up individual pages and removed everything that was considered clutter to allow focus purely on the material.

Grasp what’s happening around Neopets in 15 seconds

Due to the high volume of information we have, we wanted to allow Neopets players to quickly scan Pink Poogle Toy and see the latest happenings around Neopia. To achieve this, we have combined thumbnails with article exerps in a grid-like fashion so that Neopets players can quickly grasp the readily available content on any given day.

Navigation rebooted

We trawled through the entire navigation structure at Pink Poogle Toy and gave it a reboot.

Content is now divided into intuitive sections to help everyone find what they want, quickly.

Separating Neopets news from Neopets content

Neopets news posts now appear in the second half of the website in headline format for quick scanning and clear separation from articles and guides.

What’s this I hear about the Neopets community?

If you look carefully, you will find that we have implemented our own social network on Pink Poogle Toy!

Now you can register your own FREE Pink Poogle Toy account, create your public profile, connect with other Neopets fans and so much more.

We’ll be rolling out benefits for membership over the next few months so stay tuned.

But what about all the old features? 🙁

Don’t worry! All the old features that you loved – such as quick links – are available and feature on the new Pink Poogle Toy.

So there you have it. We toiled and after much sweat and tears, we hope you love the new Pink Poogle Toy just as much as we do.



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12 responses to Unveiling Pink Poogle Toy: 2011

  1. I had to refresh a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t on the wrong website!!

    Wow… what a change but guys… this is absolutely incredible!!

    Everything looks so much cleaner and trying to find what I want is easy,

    Well done guys. Your work was worth it.

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