An Introduction to the Trading Card Game by Evan

Kym Huynh —  December 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

A current problem the TCG world is facing is the lack of experience in players. Too many players don’t have experience. And the ones that do have experience are too hard to find. It almost seems as if you can never get the thrill of a TCG match that you should be getting. I will guide you through the simple facts to make you a better TCG player and make the game a whole lot more fun than it used to be!

If you are new to the TCG game, here are some basics. And if you aren’t new to the game, here’s a review:

People, commonly new players, seem to be confused with rivals. Rivals are the Neopets, Heroes, and Villains currently in a contest against each other. Other Neopets, Heroes, and Villains not in the same contest do not count as rivals.

Know your cards. I want you to grab your deck now and go through it. I want you to eep the following cards:

  • Cards that bank as 4
  • Cards that have huge stat bonuses or a good effect
  • All your basic Neopets
  • Only the experienced Neopets in your deck that have a basic Neopet of the same species. Example: Blue Wocky + Experienced Wocky = Good.
  • Good Equipment items.

You should NOT keep:

  • Cards that bank 3 or lower and have no good effect or stat bonus
  • “Double” cards that bank under 4 (Stat bonus or effect does not matter)
  • Anything that does not fall into what you should keep.

The game is pretty simple. Roll dice, win contest, bank an item, etc. But what is commonly forgotten is Equipment. I rarely see equipment cards being used in the TCG game anymore. Let me tell you, IF YOU USE EQUIPMENT CARDS, YOU WILL HAVE A HUGE ADVANTAGE. Equipment cards can have stat bonuses, special effects, etc. No equipment card is bad!

Okay, now it is time to cover strategies. You have to be the player that pulls out that amazing move at the last minute to win. How so, you ask? Make your opponent ease up on the field. Make them think they won. Have a Neopet/Hero/Villain with a slightly lower stat than it’s rival. Then when it’s time to make your move, pull out an equipment card that will raise your cards stats above your opponents. Roll the dice and hope for the best since you now have the advantage.

There are tons of strategies, advantages, tips, and more in the Neopets TCG game. The more experienced the player, the more strategies they have. But like I said, Neopets TCG seems to lack experience in players. Knowing these new tips and strategies will give you the upper edge on your opponent. I wish you luck in your next TCG Match! – Evan

Kym Huynh


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