The True Art of Neopets Game Play by MrDaroz

Kym Huynh —  March 14, 2016 — 8 Comments

Many people think playing games is a waste of time and when they hear someone say it’s a quick way to make money, they just laugh at them. I use to be one of them. Now I have found the true art of Neopets game play.

If you think you can make money by restocking, buying stocks, etc. you probably can. But there isn’t one money making thing as effective as playing games. If you are a everyday neopian player, or just a person who comes on every now and then, this basic guide is for you.

First off, lets just say the average days per a month is 30 days. If everyday you make 6,000np by playing games day and you do that everyday for a month, you’ll get 180,000np. If you do that every month for a year you will get 2,160,000np a year! Thats 2.16 million! All you need is to be determined, this isn’t a game play guide where you have to play every game, and Ive rounded this 6,000np a day down to 4 games!

Think about this, all the time you do on Neopets chatting, restocking, etc. you could be playing some simple games and be making a fortune! Don’t kid yourself though, if you think any guide, ANY GUIDE AT ALL can show you how to make hundreds of thousands or millions a day then your wrong, unless you got the money to start off with.

Just spending say 1 hour a day roughly, playing the games the way I have shown in the guide below, could get you 6,000np a day or more if you want to add your own games on as well. 1 hour a day, 30 days a month, and you could be making 180,000np a month, 2,160,000np a year, just by simple games alone. If you can not see how easy that is, you are blind! If you can not understand the art of game play, you’ll have a hard time playing Neopets!

Me, I only come on Neopets like 1 or 2 hours a day, because I also play other online games. So the 4 games below gets me 6,000np a day and it is so simple. These are the games I play.

200m Peanut Dash
MAGAX: Destroyer
Meerca Chase
Ultimate Bullseye

I don’t just play them games and get 6,000np a day. Well, I do, but I stick to some rules.

For starters, play 200m Peanut Dash. First get use to being able to get the red EVERY TIME you try to throw the peanut. This is essential and is pretty easy. After you can get the red every try, make sure you can master the DOUBLE BACK FLIP, or the DOUBLE FRONT FLIP. Ok, when you throw make sure you jump every log. It doesn’t matter what type of jump just don’t trip over. Make sure you are right below the shadow, when the peanut falls you should be at 170m or higher, when it falls do a DOUBLE BACK FLIP or a DOUBLE FRONT FLIP and try to catch it. If you do this successful 3 times and you have HIGHER then 800 points, send score. If you have higher then 800 points and you send score you will get 600 plus neopoints. Doing this 3 times a day means you’ll get 1,800np a day from just playing 200m Peanut Dash.

Secondly, play MAGAX: Destroyer. It is a great game! It is 1,000np per 1,000 points. It takes some time to get 1,000 points, I think around 10 minutes, but it is so easy! Playing MAGAX: Destroyer 3 times a day is a easy 3,000np which makes up half of your daily total of 6,000np if you follow this guide. Don’t send score if you don’t get 1,000 points or higher, otherwise this won’t work. Master the game and get 1,000 points or higher every time you want to send score. Do that 3 times a day.

Thirdly, play Meerca Chase. Master it in which every speed you want. I personally prefer hard because it’s quick, and for me, easy. When you have mastered one of them, play it 3 times a day. BUT do not send score if the points are below 200 points. 200 points is an easy score, so it shouldn’t take that long. Remember, don’t send score below 200 points. If you do it 3 times a day that make’s up 600np at least.

Last, but not least, play Ultimate Bullseye. At first, this game is hard, and takes awhile to master. My only real tip is aim just above the bullseye and use around half pressure. Now, play this game 3 times a day and each time get 27 points or higher! Do not go below 27. If you get 27 points or higher you get roughly 200 plus neopoints.

200m peanut dash – 1,800np
MAGAX: Destroyer – 3,000np
Meerca Chase – 600np
Ultimate Bullseye – 600np

Total NP – 6,000np

You’re probably thinking the above is really hard to do. It isn’t really. Once you can master them games it’s so simple! Once there mastered and you do this everyday it just comes naturally and if you do this everyday it’ll become a habit which is good. The only hard thing about the above is having to take roughly say an hour to play all the games. Remember, you can add on to the games with your own and make even more. – MrDaroz

Kym Huynh


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8 responses to The True Art of Neopets Game Play by MrDaroz

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