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The complete guide to all of the neopets, the following pages contain vital statistics and fun facts for all those neopets junkies out there! Including descriptions and special abilities, each neopets species character is explored to leave you with an intuitive decision on what will work and what will leave you with tantrum throwing babies. With instructions on how to discover the most rare neopets in existence, you can’t go wrong with this chapter!


Those cute eyes, cute ears and cute look, how could a person not help but fall in love with these cute creatures. Their wide-eyed innocence, trusting nature and giggles has the ability to charm a bird off its branch. A perfect addition to any family, this neopet will always bring joy and hope, even during times when there seems to be no light. Perhaps it is their innocence that creates this, but this ability to give hope to anyone is perhaps the most powerful ability of all.


Undoubtedly the most intelligent of all neopets species, some even claim this neopet possesses a certain degree of psychic power. Whether this means the ability to read minds or move objects with their mind (telekinetic powers) remains to be seen, however what is certain is their amazing scientific and technological ingenuity. Believed to have moved to Neopia after a tragic accident on their home planet, there have been claims that some have discovered and unearthed the alien spaceships Aisha ancestors used to mass migrate to Neopia. If you do adopt one, be sure to provide it with many books to read, as nothing makes them happier.


High on sugar and bouncy describe this hip and happening neopet. Known for being extremely silly and the creator of ludicrous ideas, this neopet is perfect for those who don’t mind bouncing to and from a place. This neopet is joyous to have around, and its ever-optimistic nature will always put a smile on your face!


The Bori, coined the Amadillo neopet, are habitually shy. Often seen around their burrows, these creatures homes are extensively large and complex due on a large part, to their excellent digging skills. Should you need extensive piping work or underground work done, you know who to contact… that is… if you can find one.


Cute and cuddly are the two words that spring to mind when thinking about this pet. Joyful in nature and in life, Bruces love competition and if you place a Bruce near other neopets, you will soon see them running around trees, running around houses in an attempt to see who is faster. Bruces excel at ice-skating, so much that there have been games created featured on this single aspect!


Extremely fast and energetic, this hardy neopet uses its four wings to gain extreme momentum and speed very quickly. While it may look somewhat fierce, this neopet will be content if given fruits and berries to nibble on and is quite friendly. Woe beholds any who dare attempt to hurt it or its friends however, as its lightning fast reflexes will shock the attacker before the attacker can even think of running away.


The first neopet to ever reveal itself, the Chia is a very interesting creature. Its strange genetic make up renders the Chia is a constant state of change, exemplified when a Chia eats certain foods. Initially, people were alarmed that a Chia would turn into a pineapple after eating a pineapple, however now that people have come to realize the nature of the mysterious Chia, it is not uncommon to see Chias shaped like apples, lemons and limes walking up and down the walkways in Neopia. Extremely friendly and caring, expect a hug from these creatures if you meet one.


A herbivore, this prehistoric neopet’s long neck enables it to reach to the tops of trees where the green leaves are juiciest. While it is also quite shy, this neopets’ huge size and hard skin make it a formidable opponent in the battledome. One of the greatest joys of raising a Chomby is watching it in its early years, as they are quite clumsy!


Sporting a lion-like mane, these carrot munchers survive in Neopia’s coldest regions because their thick fur is able to keep them warm even in the coldest conditions. A great addition to any family, the Cybunny is often confused with the Easter Bunny, who looks a great deal similar. Watch out for the Cybunny’s legs as they can pack a very powerful kick!


These neopets are rumored to have originated from another world, as one sunny day during Neopia’s warmer months; a flock of Draiks was seen flying through the sky. To the amazement of neopians below, these dragon-related creatures were very cute and friendly, and their ability to fly made traveling to Faerieland a great deal easier!


While enormous in size, the Elephante is surprisingly quick and nimble. Its docile nature enable it to get along with anyone easily, however its calm exterior belie a potent attack, its trunk, which is capable of firing very accurately any item in a missile-like fashion. Its small wings are also very powerful as it is capable of lifting the Elephante off the ground. The Elephante however is limited to hovering.


Considerably intelligent, this neopet will never give up the opportunity to debate any topics that it deems intelligent and stimulating. A species linked to the mythical griffin strains, this neopet has a powerful beak that packs a nasty bite if anyone is unwise enough to annoy it. Also blessed with the ability to fly, this neopet is seen as many as a utility neopet. While it can educate its younger siblings, it can also be a handy neopet to have around when that book on the bookshelf is a little out of reach!


Dolphin-like joy and sleek are two descriptions that describe this water bound neopet. Rumored to be one of the fastest swimmers in existence, this species love racing the ocean waves and often, people visit the Neopian coast just to marvel at its antics.


A distant cousin to the Lupe, Gelerts are the embodiment of all that is fun and goofy. They are joyous creatures, with a love of anyone and everything. If you are suffering from a long day at work, there is nothing better than coming home to a Gelert, who will do anything possible to make your day a happier day. Legend and myth have been written about the brave deeds of Gelerts. Such stories have made the name of Gelerts a household name. If anything, their love of children make them excellent baby sitters. However, don’t let their fun-loving nature fool you. Like their Lupe cousins, they’re fiercely protective of their friends and family.


Spirited and humorous neopets, the Gnorbu enjoy making others laugh at any expense. Llama-like, the Gnorbu has a kind heart and an optimistic outlook which allow it to easily make friends with others.


Strong and proud, the Grarrl is a fierce neopet that should only be handled by people who are experienced with raising neopets. Short tempered and very powerful, this neopet when angered will go on a rampage, which won’t stop for several hours. Also able to eat anything and everything in its path, the Grarrl’s sharp claws and teeth make it an unrivaled and potent fighter with excellent attack power. Approach these neopets with caution, and run if you find one in a rampage!


Grundos were once imprisoned by Dr. Sloth’s evil regime. Through his evil ways and experiments, he mutated the peace loving Grundo into beefed up, mind-warped warriors. Only through the collaborative efforts of all the citizens of Neopia and the Space Faerie were the Grundos able to be freed from their cruel enslavement and adopted into new caring homes. Grundos are believed to have come to Neopia from space. While their cute demeanor may be a bit on the goofy side, their intelligence should not be underestimated. These neopets were capable of space travel after all!


The Hissi are ssssssssepent-like and sssslliter everywhere. The distinguishing feature about these creatures is the two wings that adorn their back. Can they use them to fly? Known for their acute vision and maneuverability, these creatures are a force to be reckoned with once they get in close.


The Ixi are hardy forest and wood creatures that are renowned for their cunning and intelligence. Their speed is also something to be marveled at as watching them leap and bound through the forest is a sight to see. Initially, they may appear shy, but they are always willing to lend a hand should anything wrong occur around them. However, if you enter their habitat with bad intentions, be wary as you are forewarned that they are the masters of the wood, and will not tolerate such ill intentions.


Cousins to the Flotsam, the Jetsam are the gangsters of the sea. While many view them as the pirates of the Caribbean, many epics and tales have portrayed these neopets as simply misunderstood souls, who crave for someone to care for them. Whether this is true or not, it is certain that those who have befriended these creatures have made a powerful ally, and their days are now filled with excitement and adventure.


Cute and cuddly spring to mind for this adorable neopet. While it may look like a big ball of fluff with two legs, those legs can pack a nasty kick if it is provoked. Often recommended as companions for children, this neopet loves being hugged and played with, so adopting another one to keep it company is never a bad decision!


Shy and peaceful, Kacheeks are often seen bouncing and prancing around Neopian meadows. Its bright colorings enable it to quickly hide amongst the flowers and trees and it’s fun-loving nature is a wonderment to behold when a lot of Kacheeks are gathered together.


The Kaus’ milk has restorative powers. Gentle and peace loving, Kaus love large green pastures on which it can feed itself. In battle, the Kaus focus is more defensive than offensive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still pack a punch. Its horns are good enough to teach those foolish enough to annoy it a lesson they won’t forget. Kaus are natural mothers, and should anyone choose to search for one to befriend, look no further than a hospital or community orientated project. Also extremely intelligent, Kaus are known for their magical potion-making ingenuity.


This strange amphibian neopet, while nearly always appearing in water, has the ability to travel across land. It also appears to sport a bandage on its head. The purpose of this bandage is unknown, however, the Kiko can pack a mean water pumped attack on any animal/object it views as a potential threat.


Excellent mechanical engineers and inventors, nearly anything you find in Neopia were invented by these clever fish related neopets. But that’s not just to say these neopets are all brains. They’ll never give up a chance for some fun, and their mischievous grins are incurably infectious. Unfortunately, a mysterious disaster ruined their native city Maraqua. While the reason for such an occurrence is unknown, all that currently exists of Maraqua are ruins. Most Koi’s are currently homeless, so Neopian citizens have been adopting these neopets as crazy. Their help around the house is invaluable.


Originating from Mystery Island, this neopets cute and playful nature combined with its large paws and pointy teeth make it a natural in the battledome. These cheeky buggers love to pounce on unsuspecting playmates, so if you plan to introduce this neopet to your family and friends, make sure that its playmate does not confuse the Kougras’ playfulness for aggression.


Seen flying and gliding around Neopia during the night rather than the day, these friendly creatures are great lovers of fruit and berries. They love these fruits so much that they are often seen swooping around Meridell farmland in search of these berries. If you are fortunate enough to own a Korbat, you’ll always be guaranteed a full basket of fruit at home.


The Krawk is the only species in existence that are petpet mutations. One day, an owner took his neopet to a cave filled with glowing fungus. The neopet in question also brought along his petpet, which was incidentally a Krawk. When the petpet ate the fungus, it slowly mutated into a full-grown Krawk. Classified by scientists as a neopet and a petpet, this creature loves mischief and it is a common sight to see a shop keeper chase a Krawk down the street while the Krawk runs away with a string of sausages in its claws laughing gleefully. Also a seasoned fighter, this neopets’ outgoing nature and natural fighting ability make it a prime candidate for battledome veterans.


Gregarious and extremely friendly, these neopets are often seen in groups of 3 or more neopets. Intelligent and full of life, these neopets are recommended as a perfect addition to any family as they’re naturally caring and will go out of their way to make sure that everyone around them is as comfortable as they can be. Be wary however, sometimes their friendliness can go a little too far, and they may prefer being a friend to their brothers and sisters rather than being a brother or sister themselves.


One of the least seen neopets, the Lenny is naturally tall and overtly cheerful yet highly intelligent. Its strut can only be described as graceful in a clumsy way, yet this species high degree of intelligence and quick thinking make it one of the prime candidates for enrollment in battledome strategy and magic energy use and distortion. Highly useful as a neopet buddy (as it can complete your math homework for you), the Lenny posses a powerful inner knowledge which only reveal itself in times of need.


These neopets are loyal steadfast and protective of its owner, friends and family. Once you have befriended a Lupe, expect a friend for life! Four strong legs and a bite to match, this neopet is one of the bravest, and will help protect its other brothers and sisters in hostile situations. This species has played a large part in Neopian history. Jeran, a legendary Lupe character that played a very large part in the Meridell and Darigan wars, was an advisor to King Skrarll.


A gregarious neopet by nature, this otter-like neopet enjoys playing games outside. Excellent swimmers, they are prone to getting upset if they discover any attempts to place them in the pound.


Famous for its long, strong tail, Meercas can be seen scampering up and down neopian homes, forests and woods very quickly. Extremely quirky and cheeky, these neopets are natural jokers and will play pranks on unsuspecting people and neopets. While they may be one of the smaller species, their speed and wit more than makes up for their lack in size.


Initially considered a very rare neopet, this creature has starting appearing around Neopia more frequently. Considered by many as a rebel with a cause, this neopet is often seen in the middle of concerts partying with the best of them. Perhaps the music from the growing music population attracted these music-loving creatures? Whatever the cause, this neopets fun loving attitude, street-wise intelligence and humor make it a prime candidate for a family of other neopets. Just make sure to keep this neopet separated with the more short-tempered neopets.


Mynci, the monkey neopet is what would be described as an all-rounder. Cute yet strong, cheeky yet loyal, these neopets innate sense of loyalty and balance ensures that this neopet is often seen around Neopia performing various feats and tasks from shopping to helping their owners build a new stall or house. These neopets are one of the more versatile species, as their fingered hands and third arm-like tail can grasp and hold onto objects in a similar fashion to humans.


These neopets are often thought of as the masters of meditation and the epitome of good virtue, and who could fault such a suggestion? Living on the belief that their faith will protect them, these neopets high spirituality renders it a very loyal and steadfast friend.


Ogrins are considered shy creatures, due to their reserved nature and the fact that they originally lived alone. However, they are very talkative after they are used to their surroundings and they can maintain intelligent conversation for hours on end.

They are very interesting and have varying personalities. However, one interest which all Ogrins share is their love for nature, and the exploring and studying thereof. They are also very inquisitive and curious, striving to learn more and trying to become as knowledgeable as possible.


Considered one of the most stunning and beautiful neopets, the Peophin is a sea borne neopet that is considered by many is one of the most dazzling yet mysterious neopets in existence. How they appeared is unknown, however citizens of Neopia one day noticed sleek and graceful movements in the clear waters off the coast of Neopia Central. These movements turned out to be the first contact between Neopian citizens and these neopets.


Originating from Northern Neopia, these neopets have the potential to pack quite a wallop in the battledome because their cute exterior hides their extremely sharp teeth. Naturally, these neopets are quite good natured, and considerate, however it is advised to back away if Poogle ears lower and they start to freeze up. One will be able to tell if a Poogle is friendly is by the wagging of their tails.


The only known bird-like neopet with exceptional flying ability is the Pteri. Somewhat cheeky in nature, these neopets sometimes share their treetop homes with the scampering Meercas and it is not an uncommon sight to see these two neopets at it together tricking passersby with their clever tricks and jokes. Pterii originate from Tyrannia, and living in such a tough and hardy neighborhood has evolved them into extremely fast navigators of the sky.


These frog-like amphibians love eating flies and anything else, which people might consider yuck! Often found sun baking on rocks and hopping and skipping among the ponds and lakes it resides at, Quiggles can ribbit with the best of them! If you find your NeoHome invaded by thousands of insects, asking a few of your Quiggle friends to hop along to your house will clean up the small problem in no time!


The Ruki, Neopia’s first insect holds its origins from the Lost Desert. As a result, they are accustomed to the often harsh weather and have grown to be resiliant to the sun’s heat. Equipted with a natural resistance to the weather due to high constitution, these hardy creatures make ideal companions for the adventurous traveler.


These adventuresome neopets are extremely friendly and will never turn down an offer for adventure and excitement! If you ever decide to travel and explore the Neopian Mountains, don’t be surprised to see some Scorchios scaling the rocky cliffs with ease. Their enthusiasm for fun and mischief is catching, so if you and your neopets ever need a great pick-me-up, befriend a Scorchio. Their fiery origin, if anything to go by, will ensure an exciting family life.


Need a quick method to travel to the far and distant lands of Neopia? Fancy a winter holiday up in Snow Valley or to visit the home of the faeries in Faerieland? Shoyrus possess naturally evolved powerful wings, which can fly you there before you can say ‘holiday’. Shy by nature, this dragonish neopet is very versatile and is a ferocious fighter, making this seasoned battler a prime candidate for people who visit the battledome to duke it out in a test of strength, skill, speed, defense and agility.


These neopets will eat anything! One of the biggest neopets, this pet is renowned for its great defense and attack power, which can be attributed to its colossal size. Unfortunately, what it possess in attack and defense power, lacks in speed. In the history of Neopets, never has a Skeith been known to win a race. Their habit of eating anything, which you can carry, is also somewhat worrying. It’s rough outside nature may also convey the message of unfriendliness, but once this neopet is befriended, you’ll have an environmentally friendly living garbage disposal unit on your hands!


Unquestionably one of the happiest neopets ever, these neopets are a ray of light to any neopet it encounters. Blessed with exceptional acrobatic skills, these natural performers are the life of any party and can hold any audience spell bound and in tears of laughter for hours on end.


Discovered in the mountains and valleys of Tyrannia, this neopet is completely covered by a thick coat of skin, which will render any attack on it near impossible. Strong and powerful, this neopet can handle and carry heavy loads with ease and is often seen helping out at construction sites. An exceptional fighter, this neopets’ rampaging charge is earth shattering. When a Tonu charges, get out of the way!


Seal-like, this neopet has huge teeth and an insatiable love of fish. Easily found near the icy waters of Terror Mountain and Snow Valley, offer this neopet a fish and it’ll be more than happy to follow you around for the day. More interested in playing than fighting, you’ll be hard pressed to find a Tuskininny near any battledome arena. If a person is determined however, it has been said that offers of large amounts of fish have met with some success. Woe befalls anyone who comes between a Tuskinniny and its fish. Perhaps that is the secret to unleashing their real power?


The most beautiful and vainest neopet to exist, this neopets’ beauty is unrivaled. A neopet who will spend hours brushing its flowing mane and stare endlessly at its reflection every time it passes a mirror, supply this neopet with a good supply of assorted brushes and beauty accessories to keep it extremely happy. Be warned however, should you ever go shopping with this neopet by your side, make sure you carry at least a thick wad of cash, as the Uni have very expensive tastes in designer clothes and accessories.


Naturally caring, these neopets will always ensure that the other is comfortable before paying attention to itself. Extremely loyal and giving, Usuls are examples of everything that is good and true in this world. Living on the belief that, “to be loved, one must love,” these neopets are always welcome to any family.


Like the Scorchio, the Wocky are extremely outgoing, friendly and adventuresome. Loving the great outdoors and the feel of the wind on a sailing ship out on the seas, these neopets alongside the Scorchio are usually the reason for treasure discoveries. Unafraid and brave, the Wocky is a perfect and powerful member of any battling adventurer.


The Xweetok is one of the most hyperactive neopets you’ll come across. Making their homes in the forests, they are often seen playing tag and zig-zagging anywhere they can. Play tag with them and you’ll have a friend for life.


The Yurble’s cute and cuddly mane allows anyone to easily identify it from a distance. While it may give off the impression of being extermely cute and cuddly and the slightest bit of cheerfulness, the mane is symbolic of the powerful physical nature it possesses. Trust me, you don’t want to be near one when they’re angered. With a strong liking for fruits, these creatures can be seen fossicking in undergrowth for food!


Whenever someone asks, “What does luck have anything to do with it?” you can reply, “Luck has everything to do with it,” especially if you have a Zafara as a friend. Zafaras are the bringers of good will and good luck to anyone who treats them with respect, love and friendship. If you know any friends that have won the lottery recently or have stumbled upon a rare treasure, check to see if they have any Zafaras!

Kym Huynh


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