The Compact Neopets Guide by Anniebunny923

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Compact Neopets guide

Can someone help me read this guide?


It is important that you don’t spend all your NP on usuki dolls, toys and things you really don’t use. Of course you can buy things to your pets, but don’t spend thousands of nps on junk.

Free and cheap food

Sponsor games

I bet you have heard about sponsor games. And they are hard to find, right? So I will put up a link where you can find ALL the sponsor games on neopets!

This is the link to a petpage, Neo__bori’s petpage:

Dailies (and hourlies)


This are the times when he sleeps:
6 – 7 AM (NST)
2 – 3 PM (NST)
10 – 11 PM (NST)



Play the games that are easy, you think is fun and the games that give you plenty of neopoints! I will give you a list over the games I use to play and how many points I usually gets:

Game: Points, Neopoints from 1 game, Neopoints from 3 games
Meerca Chase II: 140 – 350, 190 – 450, 570 – 1,350
Ultimate Bullseye: 40 – 80, 240 – 680, 720 – 2,050
Dubloon Disaster: 44 – 200, 268 – 1,000, 804 – 3,000
Hubrids Hero Heist: 16,000 – 80,000, 325 – 1,000, 975 – 3,000

Now You … Can Play … The Games … That Makes You … The WINNER!

So how many np do I usually get every day? 10,000 – 25,000 neopoints. It isn’t that much but if you get, let’s say, 10,000 neopoints every day in 1 week how many neopoints do you have on the end of the week? 70,000!

I hope you liked my guide and I also hope you earn more neopoints now after reading this.

Kym Huynh


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