Stock Market Guide by Shawn Anderson

Kym Huynh —  November 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

Who should play this stock market?

I advise those who had amassed some NPs (about 300k) to start playing. This is because this is a game of patience, not risk venturing. As long as you keep the stock, 1 day it will rise. To have patience, you should have enough NPs to faithfully buy the 1000 shares (capped at 1k) every day. If you are a person who are not that rich yet, most probably you can earn more $ using the NPs you have, in other areas such as shops or trading posts.

When to sell the stocks?

When I start playing the stock market, I buy at 15 and sell at 20. As time goes by, I amass more NPs, I start to wait longer for the price to rise. Right now, I buy at 15 and sell at 50 and above. My point is when you are richer; your risk tolerance will get higher. Thus as to when to sell it – will have to depend on your riches and liquidity needs.

What stocks to buy?

Personally, I don’t really choose stocks. I believe in diversifying my portfolio. I have a huge array of stocks. Its not about timing the market; its about the time the stock will takes to rise. In Neopets, the stocks will rise through time. Although I admit, after playing the stock market for quite some times, I have some preferences for some stocks.

Is Stock market the best way to earn the most NPs?

It is not the place to earn most NPs, but its definitely the best way to earn NPs without much effort. All you need to do is spends 5min every day to buy and check for stocks to sell. There are other much better ways to earn NPs such as through shops, trading posts.


I played this game for 2 years. I start off by taking freebies (haha) to earn, then I start a shop to earn, then TP and lastly stock market. Its the process I takes to earn NPs, as I don’t have anyone who could give me NPs to start off (lol).

Being a person who has an 18 million portfolio (currently), I would say stock market is a great place to earn NPs with the least effort. However, if you have the effort and time, there are better places to use the NPs to generate more NPs. – Shawn Anderson

Kym Huynh


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