How to Sell Effectively on Neopets by Alex K

Kym Huynh —  August 22, 2016 — 1 Comment

Have you ever had items priced at the same reasonable prices that the ones in the shop wizard are, but it just sits there for weeks with out anyone buying it? Just because you price the item slightly lower than everything on the shop wizard, doesn’t mean people will buy it. Rarely does anyone sell an item worth over 10,000 np. This is because the items worth might be high, but since it costs so much no one will buy it (and few have enough NP to even afford it if they wanted it). So, if you find a paint brush on the floor that’s worth, say, 20,000np, but you didn’t actually pay any Np to get the item. So you might want to sell it for 19,000np, (since the ones in the shop wizard are priced at around 20,000, people will want to buy yours, right? Wrong) but find that it just sits there forever. Since you didn’t pay anything for it in the first place, by selling it for 5np you would still be making more money. The same goes with buying cheap food at the shops. You buy a tomato in the shops for 3 Np. You want to sell it, and look it up in the Wiz for a reasonable price (they sell for 50np). That is outrageous, considering you’re paying around 15 times as much. So how much do you sell your tomato for if you bought it for 3np? You sell it for 5 or 6 np. Take it from us…in our shop we will usually sell food items for around 5 np, or about 2 more np than we got them for in the shop. You may say that that’s stupid because we only make 2 np total profit, but if you but cheap stuff like that and keep selling it like that for a while (I our account we have close to 800 items, 800,000np and 4 extremely strong pet, and we’ve been playing for about 5 months) you’ll get tons of np and your items will go quickly. Trust us, it seems stupid, but it works. The whole point of this: In order to sell an item quickly, sell it much much cheaper than the shop wizard prices 🙂 – Alex K.

Kym Huynh


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