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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Starting out
Chapter 2 – Good items to sell
Chapter 3 – Specialty Shops
Chapter 4 – Where to get items to sell
Chapter 5 – Hints and tips
Chapter 6 – Legal stuff

Chapter 1

So, you’ve just joined Neopets and you want to venture into the wild world of shopkeeping, eh? It won’t be easy. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day having a successful shop won’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make your shop big and successful. In case you don’t know how to create a shop, here’s how to create one. Click on the shops section on the Neopets sidebar. You should see a banner that says “The High Street” and there should be a group of icons near the top of the screen. Click on the wizard hat and it will take you to the Shop Wizard screen. Click on Create/Edit a shop and you’ll be able to type in a name for your shop as well as a description for your shop and you can choose a Shopkeeper and also give your Shopkeeper a name. After you do all that, click on the button above upgrade (the upgrade button may not be there when first creating a shop) to complete your shop. If you had the 150 neopoints required to create your shop, then congratulations! You are now a merchant! The next chapter of this FAQ will cover what items you should sell.

Chapter 2

Now that you have a shop, you may be wondering “What should I sell?”. Well, for beginners I recommend selling cheap items. Here’s a list of items you should sell when starting out.

~ Omelettes (you can get for free from the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia)
~ Jelly (you can get for free from the Giant Jelly)
~ Healing Potions (you can get for free from the Healing Springs Faerie)
~ Elixirs (you can get for free from the Healing Springs Faerie)
~ Battlecards (you can win them in Cheat!)
~ Cheap Desert Foods (you can get for free from Coltzan’s Shrine and certain foods like Bagguss and Tchea Fruits are dirt cheap (you can get for 1 neopoint if you’re lucky)
~ Tombola Items (you can win as prizes from the Tombola, although it’s much better to win a Codestone :D)

As soon as you get 2000 neopoints, put half in the bank and use the other half to replenish your stock (if needed). Once you earn 4000 neopoints put half in the bank, then use the other half to buy slightly more expensive items. Here’s a list of slightly more expensive items you should consider stocking.

~ Trading Cards
~ Cheap Furniture
~ Medicine
~ Grooming Items
~ Silver Battlecards
~ Gold Battlecards
~ Any battle items that cost 300 or less
~ Gourmet Foods
~ Books

Stock your shop full of these items then while waiting for the items to sell, play some games to make more neopoints for your shop and as soon as you sell your entire stock you should have about 3000-4000 neopoints from sales (rough estimate). As soon as you have 15000 neopoints saved up I recommend moving up to the next level of items. Here’s a list of some of the good items you can get for your shop with 15000.

~ Codestones
~ Bottled Faeries
~ PetPets
~ PetPet Paint Brushes
~ More Expensive Battledome Equipment (Slime Potion, Stone Snowball, Fire Jug, Caustic Potion, etc.)
~ Scratchcards
~ More Expensive Furniture

By the time you sell off everything on that list you should have a lot of neopoints (like in the ten thousands area). Now you can afford to do a specialty shop if you want. I wouldn’t recommend doing a specialty shop before you get to this point because you’ll be limited in your selection of items to sell and you’ll have to spend a lot of neopoints to get some of the better items in. The next chapter will cover Specialty Shops.

Chapter 3

Having a specialty shop can be a good idea. But if you don’t have a lot of neopoints and don’t plan on spending a lot of time and neopoints on your shop then you shouldn’t make your shop a specialty shop yet. If you decide to make your shop a specialty shop, think carefully about what kind of items you want to sell. Is there a high demand for this type of item? Are they easy to afford? Are they easy to get? Those are questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a shop. The best type of shop would probably be a Battledome Shop because not a lot of people have Battledome Shops and Battledome items are popular. Here’s a list of items you should stock in each type of shop.

~ Battledome Shop – It’s best to sell Codestones, Dubloons, Faeries, Lost Desert Daggers, Leaf Shields, Battlecards (Gold Spectre Battlecards are the best ones to sell. Stay away from the common and silver cards if you can afford the Gold cards), Healing Items (anything that does damage to the opponent while healing your pet or heals at least 10 hit points is good to sell), and Snowglobe Staffs. Also, keep in mind that you can get free Battle Items from Taelia’s Quests and The Kitchen Quests.

~ School Item Shop – You will need a lot of neopoints for this. Once you get a lot of neopoints saved up you should buy at least 10 different types of School Items. I recommend getting the Faerie Erasers and also get some Backpacks, Pens, and Pencils as well as some other items. Remember, the rarer it looks the more likely it is to sell.

~ Book Shop – I recommend going to the official Book Shop for your stock because it’s one of the few Official Shops that sell most of their items below wiz value. Just stock up on as many as you can afford and make sure you get different kinds. Try to get the books that are cheaper and have a lot in stock when you first start selling books because the ones that have less in stock will sell out fast and you’ll have plenty of time to get a good quantity of books for you to sell and also you’ll have neopoints left over for the next stock and if you have a few extra books you can read them to your pet.

I’ll have ideas for other shops soon but right now that’s the best I can think of for now.

Chapter 4

In this chapter, I’ll list the best places to get some of the different types of items. I don’t know about them all so it won’t be a complete list.

~ Books – Official Shop
~ Defense Magic – Player Shops (the official shop will totally rip you off most of the time)
~ Battle Magic – Player Shops (same reason as Defense magic)
~ Food – You can get a lot of food for free but if you want to buy some of the better foods your best bet would be to go to other player’s shops because it’s too easy to get ripped off in the Food Shops unless you know what you want to buy and you don’t buy anything you haven’t checked on the wiz.
~ Christmas Items – You can get free Christmas Items every day from the Advent Calendar during December but when it’s not December I advise to buy as much as you can while the prices are declining because they will eventually start rising again as they become rarer and as it gets closer to Christmas again.

Chapter 5

Here’s some tips for buying items for stock
1 – Don’t buy more than you can hold in your store. You’ll end up running out of Neopoints and then if you see something that’s really under priced you won’t have any Neopoints to buy it.
2 – If you’re unsure about an item, don’t buy a lot of it at once. Sell a few and see how fast they sell. If they all sell within a day then it’s a good idea to buy more. If they take over a week to sell then it would be a bad idea to buy more unless you can make a huge profit off it.
3 – Try looking in trades for good deals. People will often sell whole Codestone sets for much less than what they’d cost separate.
4 – When making your shop, don’t have a bunch of personality tests and animations and stuff all over your shop. A lot of people have slow computers and if someone has to wait like 5 minutes for your shop to load, that person will got to another shop to buy items. At the most you should have a background, music (nothing that’s loud. Nobody wants to suddenly be blasted by loud music), and a blog and maybe a couple simple animations or one big animation.
5 – See if you can join a mall. There are a lot of people who make malls so ask around on the message boards.
6 – Try to think of a suitable name and background for the type of shop you have. Like if you have a food shop then give it a name and a background that has something to do with food.
7 – Remember to advertise as much as you can when you’re not busy stocking your shop or looking for items to buy to stock your shop with.

Chapter 6

This FAQ was done by myself and nobody may claim it as their own. Plagiarism sucks and if I find anybody taking credit for my FAQ they will be reported. If you’d like to display my FAQ on your website then ask me first and if I give you permission then you may display it. Currently, my FAQ may not be displayed on any site other than PPT. If you’d like to provide a link to my FAQ then you do not need my permission for that. – shoyru_king123

Kym Huynh


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