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In this guide, I will tell you what the best shops to loiter at are the best, and which are the worst. along with what items you should keep an eye out for. for times sake (and yours) I will only be writing down the good shops. Only go to these if you seek np, go to others if you wish to become poor. This guide will help you see that playing games at Neopets is for suckers who don’t know the ropes and that shops are the best AND easiest way to make np. Now, with that said, here are the best shops 🙂


Good items: Most white chocolate, grarrl gobstopers, most neodrops, all orange chocolate
Recommended connection: Very fast cable/dsl or t1+
This shop is a bad choice for most people, because the good chocolates restock in small numbers, allowing the people with t1+ connections to get all the good stuff, so unless you have a fast connection and nimble fingers, stay away.


Good items: All faeries, some motes, some morphing potions
Recommended connection: dsl/cable+
Ohh, what an interesting shop, So many things, but what to buy?? The faeries, they are what you want to keep an eye out for the most!! Any faerie will do, don’t be picky. There are also a lot of motes that restock here, avoid the more expensive ones such as ice and lava, But DO go for mud motes!! even more so than faeries!! they sell for about 3.5k easy, only cost about 300np,and people don’t swarm to them like faeries :-). Next we have morphing potions. most morphing potions are a waste. With some exceptions. the exceptions are the painted morphing potions, such as halloween blumaroo potions and desert aisha potions. DO go for these with great speed, as they fetch a high price on the market. the others are any tonu, draik and krawk potion, Tonu’s will fetch about 150k,while draiks will fetch upwards of 1million np!!!


Good items: Most fuzzles, most evil fuzzles, nearly all toys, all painted plushies 😉
Recommended speed: 56k+
This is the greatest shop ever 🙂 even 56kers have a shot in here (with images turned off however, I’ll explain later 😉 ).what you want to go for are all fuzzles except green and orange, all others GET GET GET! evil fuzzles are a bit tricky, some sell for high prices others low, so go for black, orange, yellow and all others at your on discretion. this shop restocks plushies like there’s no tomorrow! You can make minimal profits from buying uni and eyrie plushies, but you generally want to pick up painted plushies such as skunk kacheek plushies. Probably the best item that restocks here are faerie globes! Dont get your hopes up on getting them, they fecth upwards of 400k on the market and only restock 1 at a time, and very rarely. You also want to go for all skateboards, bouncy balls, whistles and bells. They fetch nice prices compared to what you buy them for.


Good items: All neggs, all ice cream, cherries
Recommended speed: dsl/cable+
This is an ok shop. the neggs are what you want to look out for. The normal, purple and ice neggs and most common and restock in batches of 15 or so, and are easy to get on a dsl/cable connection. Cherries sell for about 300 each and only cost 80 to buy, so go for those if no neggs restocked. the better neggs such as super ice, ultra ice, blue, pink,and green neggs only restock with about 1-4 of each,so dont get your hopes up on getting one, but theres always a possibility

Now its time for a little Q and A

Q1: You mentioned something about turning images off
A: Ah yes, this is good for 56kers and people with faster connections alike. do this click start, settings, control panel, Click internet options, Scroll down to multimedia, and uncheck all boxes, Click apply. and *makes whip cracking sound* you stand a much better chance at getting items than you did before as the pictures no longer load

Q2: But my friend tells me that draik eggs restock in meridell food shop, shouldn’t I go there and wait?
A: Be my guest, I’m not stopping you from wasting your time. What do you think your chances are of actually getting one hmm? do you think your the only one that is waiting there for a draik egg? and should the shop restock a draik egg? What do you think your chances are of actually getting it? It’s best to stick to little things unless you are adamant that you want one.

Q3: I’m on a cable modem, but I never seem to get faeries out of the shop! what could I be doing wrong?
A: Well, there’s several things you might be doing wrong. 1st off, you might not be using the keypad to your left, always use that ass the numbers are closer together. 2, you might be going after faeries when there are only, say 5 or 6 left. If there’s that many, skip them and wait for the next ones. 3, you might click on a faerie then see its sold out, go back and see a fresh batch of faeries. Click on it and get that stupid 5 second rule. its the 2nd most annoying thing ever! (I’ll get to the most annoying later) so what you must do is pace yourself, don’t get into a rush to get back, count to 3 then click back to the shop.

Q4: The shops aren’t restocking! HELP!
A: Seems you’ve got an itchy trigger finger :-P. this happens when you hit refresh too many times in a certain time frame. You get restock banned and must wait several hours before it is lifted. There’s a simple solution, just slow down, wait 1-2 seconds in between refreshes, and your problem should be solved.

Well, that’s it! hope you have fun getting a lot of np and cool items. – dj_crashin

Kym Huynh


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  1. Nice Guide Kym it could be updated but still good

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