Scamming: The Stupidity of it by crystalfire23456

Kym Huynh —  June 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

Hi folks! I just want to share an experience I had with a scammer.

My neopets username is crystalfire254. Well, it was until a “friend” of mine stole all of my neopoints. I’d had a neopets account before, so knew all about the importance of restocking, playing the games, etc. Plus, my older sister had gotten bored with Neopets and gave me all her neopoints. So, in quite a short time, I had 500,000np. I had just heard about the upcoming war and told the friend who referred me to neopets (the one who took all of my NP) she might want to start training her pets.

She immediately asked me how I found about the war. I told her I’d found the brilliant site, PPT, and she sneered and said, “They’ll tell you any kind of rubbish.” I was a bit taken aback, since I’d found PPT extremely useful. Before I could stand up for one of my favorite sites, she asked me how much NP I had, I said I had a quite a lot, and wouldn’t answer for when she asked exactly how much. ” I’VE got 100,0000!” she smirked. She then told me how she’d got all this by scamming. I wasn’t very impressed by this, and she could tell. “Why do you need all that?” I asked. “Oh, no reason. I just like having it. It makes me feel rich.”

Now for me, Neopets has always been a game. I liked looking after my pet, playing the fun games and chatting on the message boards. I told her I found her scamming was stupid, and perhaps she had better give up Neopets. It was when I got home and decided to check on my pet, when I realized she’d scammed me out of everything I had, including all my faerie wands, codestones and bottled faeries.

My password had been hard to guess, but she knew me well, and obviously knew my lucky number and my pets name.

She told me on MSN Messenger that she had to get more NP- it was like a craze for her. Why do these scammers feel more secure with millions of NP? It’s not real money!

Email me with your reasons at

Kym Huynh


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