The Return of a Scammer by Dreamer4284

Kym Huynh —  September 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hi. My name is Dreamer4284, a faithful Neopian. Although you probably dont know me, I am here to tell you my story. It is long, so sit back and relax.

One fine Sunday morning, I was chatting with my friend on AIM. We were having a good time, when all of a sudden she starts laughing! She said that she was chatting with a scammer, and was having a little *fun* with them. So, I decided that I wanted to have a bit of fun myself. So I asked her for the screen name, and she told me it was FlyBabi5. Then, my friend told me that the PERSON WHO SHE WAS CHATTING WITH HAD SAID SHE WAS GUCCI_MAMA and guess what I had just read that morning: yup, that is right the article here on pinkpoogletoy about the girl who had gotten scammed by this same person. Obviously, the same scammer goes around telling people that she is gucci_mama, when she is plainly not, just so it looks like she has a lot. That REALLY made me want to have a word with this loser. So, I began to chat.

~~~***note: swear words have been bleeped out, and my comments/additions to the story are occasionally placed within the convo***~~~

dreamer4284: wow! I heard that you’re giving away neopoints!!!
dreamer4284: that’s amazing!
FlyBabi5: ok..
dreamer4284: may I have some?
FlyBabi5: lol
dreamer4284: how do I get some?
FlyBabi5: brb
dreamer4284: ok
dreamer4284: I think it’s awesome how you can give neopoints out to people!
dreamer4284: are you there?
FlyBabi5: yea, i am reading sumthing

~~~***at this point, I wanted to fall over laughing, because my friend had told the scammer (the scammer didnt know we knew each other) that she knew what they were doing, and gave her the url of the true scammed story here at pinkpoogletoy. So obviously, the scammer was reading that very article***~~~

dreamer4284: ok 😉
dreamer4284: so, how does this program work?
FlyBabi5: wat program???
dreamer4284: well, didn’t you say you had a program that generated neopoints?
FlyBabi5: no… ne1 dat does, tell me lol


dreamer4284: ok
dreamer4284: but then how do you get neopoints
dreamer4284: ?
dreamer4284: *is disappointed*
FlyBabi5: brb
dreamer4284: ok
dreamer4284: so are you gonna get my neopoints? I’m a 1-monther, but I won the jackpot on the scratchcards

~~~***since I didnt want this person to have my REAL account and attempt to hack it, I gave the screen name of a fake account that I used just for this purpose playing with scammers.***~~~

reamer4284: and I want more!
dreamer4284: lol!!!
FlyBabi5: how much did you win?

~~~***see, trying to see if its worthwile to steal***~~~

dreamer4284: 1,000,000
dreamer4284: and I want more!!!
FlyBabi5: well, my account has almost 4 million in the bank,

~~~***yeeaaaah right***~~~

dreamer4284: WOW
FlyBabi5: and the items r worth around 4 million
dreamer4284: omg! wow! what’s your username?
FlyBabi5: so bout 8 milliom
FlyBabi5: million**
dreamer4284: I wanna be neofriends!!
FlyBabi5: gucci_mama

~~~***this is when I nearly died from laughter***~~~

FlyBabi5: dont
dreamer4284: why not?
FlyBabi5: i wont accept it

~~~***yeah, cuz its not your account, idiot.***~~~

dreamer4284: why? I wanna give you a paint brush!

~~~***just trying to butter her up***~~~

dreamer4284: so can you give me more neopoints?
FlyBabi5: what paint brush?
dreamer4284: electric 🙂 for getting me neopoints!
dreamer4284: exactly how much can you get me?
FlyBabi5: i can switch acounts with you.. thats about it
dreamer4284: omg really! wow
dreamer4284: 8 million *sighs in amazement*
FlyBabi5: yup
dreamer4284: ok, so should we swap p/words?
FlyBabi5: whats ur username?
FlyBabi5: yes, but you first, ok?
dreamer4284: how come?
FlyBabi5: bcuz..8 mill is A LOT

~~~***no, because youre going to steal it. Moron.***~~~

dreamer4284: yeah… that’s true
dreamer4284: ok well brb
FlyBabi5: and i think theres sum krawk potions in my sdb
FlyBabi5: about 5 of em
FlyBabi5: 3 are blue, and 2 are mutant
dreamer4284: WOW
dreamer4284: ok my acct. is hellothere809

~~~***which, of course, was my fake account***~~~

dreamer4284: but I’m not sure if I should give out my password

~~~***maybe because nearly every page on neopets says NOT to duh***~~~

dreamer4284: *gasp* omg!!!!
FlyBabi5: huh?
dreamer4284: I just looked at your shop!!!
dreamer4284: wow there is so much stuff
FlyBabi5: yupperz
dreamer4284: I’m gonna neomail me my password, k?
FlyBabi5: ok

~~~***even if I did, you wouldnt get it dip____***~~~

dreamer4284: gucci_mama, right?
FlyBabi5: yep
dreamer4284: ok
FlyBabi5: i know ur gonna report me

~~~***damn right I am***~~~

dreamer4284: huh?
dreamer4284: why would I do that?
FlyBabi5: even though i will give you my password
dreamer4284: I wouldn’t!
FlyBabi5: ok
FlyBabi5: do u have ur password?
dreamer4284: wait, you’re gucci_mama?????
FlyBabi5: YES

dreamer4284: hmmmm… that’s fishy to me
FlyBabi5: damn it

~~~***yes, of course that is right CAUGHT***~~~

dreamer4284: wow
FlyBabi5: i read that
dreamer4284: you are caught!
dreamer4284: wow! and ALL of your accts will be FROZEN!
dreamer4284: wow!
FlyBabi5: pplz dont believe me

~~~***wait, does this make sense to you??***~~~

dreamer4284: don’t believe you?
dreamer4284: I don’t
dreamer4284: I really really don’t



~~~***of COURSE you arent *rolls eyes* ***~~~


~~~***no you dont***~~~

dreamer4284: really
dreamer4284: whhat is it hmm?

~~~***you never WERE***~~~

dreamer4284: if you’re “not trying to scam me”
dreamer4284: I DONT WANT IT
FlyBabi5: alright
FlyBabi5: i will go give it to my frend
dreamer4284: huh?
FlyBabi5: snow_doggie ish mine tho

~~~***cha-CHING! Bam, look at that just what I wanted***~~~

dreamer4284: that’s your acct?
FlyBabi5: yes
dreamer4284: wow
dreamer4284: now that iwll be frozen too
dreamer4284: and everyone on your neofriends!
FlyBabi5: ur so stupid
dreamer4284: no
dreamer4284: actually
dreamer4284: neopets knows all your accts
dreamer4284: because of cookies
FlyBabi5: cookies?
dreamer4284: yeah
dreamer4284: there are these little things
dreamer4284: that when you surf neopets
dreamer4284: they’re put into your computer
dreamer4284: so neopets knows
dreamer4284: all of your accounts
dreamer4284: and they’ll all be frozen
FlyBabi5: plz dont do it

~~~***dont do it? Riiiiiight***~~~

dreamer4284: hmm……….
dreamer4284: what will you give me?
FlyBabi5: i dont have much
dreamer4284: but you have “8 mill” RIGHT??? SCAMMER!
dreamer4284: *rolls eyes*
dreamer4284: I’m going to report you….
dreamer4284: hmm, how shall I word it
dreamer4284: “Dear neopets staff
dreamer4284: I have been chatting with FlyBabi5 on AIM. She *says* her accounts are gucci_mama and snow_doggie, but I dont believe it for crap. But she has many, many accounts
dreamer4284: she told me
dreamer4284: that she would give me her 8 mil. acct
dreamer4284: if I gave her my 1 mill acct
dreamer4284: and she asked repeatedly for my password
dreamer4284: OH!
dreamer4284: hmm… maybe I should give them this convo as well!
FlyBabi5: go ahead because you dont know my account
dreamer4284: I will do it
dreamer4284: but guess what
dreamer4284: neopets knows all of your accounts
dreamer4284: they KNOW
dreamer4284: wow
dreamer4284: so it doesn’t matter whether or not you tell me
dreamer4284: because they know
dreamer4284: say bye-bye to neopets
FlyBabi5: why the **** r u doing this to me?

~~~***I thought THAT was blatantly obvious***~~~

FlyBabi5: i have an account i could give you
FlyBabi5: but i dont wanna bcuz i have a baby neopet and its for my lil sister
dreamer4284: oh yah frickin right
dreamer4284: I’m doing this
dreamer4284: because…. YOU’RE A SCAMMER
FlyBabi5: I AM NOT!
dreamer4284: unlesss you give me something….
dreamer4284: omg yes you are
dreamer4284: haha you are a terrible liar
dreamer4284: well… even if you DID give me anything
dreamer4284: I’d still report you

~~~***I understand fine, thank you***~~~

dreamer4284: be NICE
dreamer4284: don’t be stupid
dreamer4284: and go around stealing accts
dreamer4284: need i point THAT out????
FlyBabi5: i read that
FlyBabi5: damn it
dreamer4284: you stole that acct!!!
dreamer4284: so guess what!!!!
FlyBabi5: no
FlyBabi5: no
dreamer4284: YOU ARE A SCAMMER
FlyBabi5: no
FlyBabi5: no
dreamer4284: YES
dreamer4284: YES
dreamer4284: YES
dreamer4284: YEs
dreamer4284: YES
dreamer4284: you are
dreamer4284: fine explain your *lie*
FlyBabi5: someone pointed that out to me because they thought it was a scam
dreamer4284: you WERE SCAMMING
dreamer4284: THAT IS A SCAM
dreamer4284: RIGHT THERE
dreamer4284: it’s a true story!
dreamer4284: I TRUSE PINKPOOGLETOY 110%!!
dreamer4284: *trust
FlyBabi5: and i would NEVER give out my username with all that much np on it
dreamer4284: wave bye-bye to neopets, you scammer
FlyBabi5: come ON!!!
dreamer4284: *mocks* come ON!!!
FlyBabi5: please
FlyBabi5: dont
dreamer4284: *snorts* OF COURSE I WILL!
FlyBabi5: why?
dreamer4284: because youre a scammer. I hate scammers
FlyBabi5: i have never even heard of those 2 aim s/ns
dreamer4284: oh
dreamer4284: yah
dreamer4284: right
dreamer4284: then die
dreamer4284: for all I care
FlyBabi5: i aint gonna cuz i am not lieing!
dreamer4284: suuuure
dreamer4284: I don’t believe you
dreamer4284: and you’re gonna be reported
dreamer4284: haha
FlyBabi5: have u heard of a gurl named Elisabeth Germian in washington?

~~~***and this relates to the topic how?***~~~

dreamer4284: no
dreamer4284: enlighten me
FlyBabi5: well, im her sister, our father shot our mom.. my mom died…. and her shot beth in her arm and chest and now i am stuck in ******* foster care and it ******* sucks.. and she doesnt remember me and i m her own ******* sister..

~~~***thank you for proving to me how much of a big girl you are with all those colorful words***~~~

dreamer4284: *rolls eyes*
dreamer4284: fake story

~~~***that, or someone else that is not you***~~~

FlyBabi5: no, its not
dreamer4284: suuure
FlyBabi5: look up a girl named Elisabeth Germain
FlyBabi5: go ahead
dreamer4284: no thanks
FlyBabi5: it may not mention me cuz i was having problems with my dads abusiveness or watever u wanna call it
dreamer4284: ya
dreamer4284: sure
dreamer4284: ok you are being reported….
dreamer4284: about….
dreamer4284: NOW
dreamer4284: bye scammer
FlyBabi5 signed off at 9:35:28 AM.

And so I blocked her. I felt like dieing of laughter. What an IDIOT!! So, I reported her to neopets soon after. I am waiting to see if shell be frozen. 😉 – Dreamer4284

Kym Huynh


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