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Hackers and scammers run freely around the web…
Hackers and scammers are everywhere! Think they don’t exist, think again! They are in fact, VERY real, and they do just what you think they do. Trick you, and steal your hard earned NP, and items. They are very smart, and very slick. And believe me, you DON’T want to be part of their terrible plans. Stay away from hackers, and scammers!

How can I be safe and alert?
Sometimes, hackers and scammers are pretty sneaky. And pretty tempting. But, how can you be up to date on the latest and greatest ways to be safe? Who can help you and give you excellent peace of mind? Well, I made this site for this exact reason. To help innocent Neopians, like yourself, from being hacked and scammed. (Also check out the Neopets wall of shame to stay aware of the current threats on Neopets!)

How can I be so sure someone is not trying to scam me?
Unfortunately, Scammers can put up pretty tempting offers. (That don’t even work! XD) Here are some things that scammers often try to pull.

1.”I have a neopoint generator, and I can double your NP! I just need your password and username. I SWEAR I’m not lying.”
2.” I can get you any amount of NP you want, and any paintbrush you want! Just send me your Password and username!”
3. “I used to (or still do) work for Neopets, and I have taken on the task to help people on the site. Just give me your username and password. and i can help get you a billion (or million) NP! (Sometimes, they say they were fired, are are trying to get back at them!)

And most scams say you need at least 10K or more (or whatever amount) or else it wont work. STOP RIGHT THERE! IF IT SAYS THIS, then it is MOST DEFIANTLY a SCAM!!

Sometimes these offers are very tempting, and they seem very real, and professional. BUT that is what they WANT you to think! To them, Neopets isn’t the game, you are. And the best way you can stay SCAM-FREE is to simply NOT give out your password to ANYONE! NO MATTER WHAT! No matter how convincing they are, or how real you think it is, more than 99.5% of the time, it’s a SCAM! And just remember, a scam cant happen if you don’t help it happen. And it feels equally bad as a regular hack. And YES there IS a difference between hack and scam. (I will explain it later in the site.)

The MAIN reason scams happen is because LAZY people try to take an easy way out, by cheating.

But I want to be a neomillionare!
The best way to become a neomillionare, isn’t by trying some miracle neopoint generator. Or by some amazing item duplicator. No, it’s as simple as playing fair, and playing games. Cheating ISN’T going to get ANYONE rich, all it’s going to do is get you scammed. So DON’T BE GREEDY! Just play games, and play fair. Want an easy way to make more NP? See my easy NP guide by clicking here. Just think of those scams like you do the ones on TV! (Like those miracle fat loss pills. See? Miracle NP generator. See??? It’s all the same, neither work!) If you want to be rich, and not even work for it, Neopets, most likely, isn’t for you.

Hack or Scam?
There IS a difference between hacking and scamming. Here are MY definitions of the two.

A hack is when someone is very smart, and knows a great deal about what they are doing. If you are hacked, you will have no clue it was going to happen, no clue who did it, basically, you will go on, and one day, your NP will be gone. Sometimes friends guess your password and hack you. To prevent this, Make your password something totally random. Something you don’t talk about often. Add some numbers in the middle, front or end. Like this WetDog87 or something like that. To help keep your password EVEN MORE protected, make it not even a real word, like UgaUga28, because normal hacking products cant hack a word you can’t find in a dictionary. Those are two good examples of good passwords to have. A BAD password to have would be something like Happy1, or books02. As those are easily guessed, and are easy to crack with hacking products.

A scam is when someone who is pretty clever, and knows the demand of Neopets well tricks you. BUT, THEY CANT SCAM YOU WITHOUT your help! Yes. That’s correct. A scam cant happen if you don’t HELP it happen. In this case, no matter how clever or unpredictable your password is, they can easily get your NP and items IF YOU LET THEM! They NEED your help to pull this off. They don’t know your password, and are too lazy to guess. So instead, they are going to attempt to have you GIVE it to them with tempting and mouth watering offers. To prevent a scam, don’t try to get easy NP, and NEVER give your password to ANYONE! EVER! NO MATTER WHAT THEY CLAIM OR SAY!

But I really don’t think this is a scam, and it’s an offer I CAN’T give up!
Well. I really doubt it’s not a scam….BUT, if you must try it, make a NEW account. And don’t make the password the same as your other one. In fact, don’t even mention your other account. If you cant do this, because you need to have a certain amount of NP in your account for the miracle offer to work, just DON’T DO IT! if you aren’t willing to even risk the NP loss, then just turn your nose up at it. It’s really NOT worth it, and it’s more than likely a SCAM. Anything that says you need NP for it to work, is most likely a scam. So, just remember this, because it will take you far, If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Help! I was scammed/ hacked!
Both of these make you feel bad. And I bet you want to get back at the person that did it. But, just report it to Neopets! It’s all you really can do. And the best thing to do. If you were hacked, it’s not your fault at all. So just report it. You didn’t deserve it, and no one else does. If you were scammed, you probably feel worse. Like it’s your fault for being stupid. While that is true, you shouldn’t have been falling for that, and it’s partly your fault, it’s still not fair. It wouldn’t have happened had they not tried to scam you. Neopets doesn’t allow either hacking OR scamming! So REPORT BOTH! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Help others by reporting them!

What are some often used Scams, and how can I tell it’s a scam?
Well, most of the time, scams are all the same. Or at least sound the same. And, it’s pretty obvious it’s a scam. I will review some OFTEN USED SCAMS, and how YOU CAN TELL IT’S A SCAM.

1. This is a scam probably happens more than any other on Neopets. And they usually state something like this-

“I have a neopoint and/or item generator, but unfortunately you need at least 100,000np, (or more/less) this is so I know your not lazy and just want NP. (Or some other convincing reason.) All you need to do is send me your username and password, my email address is THIS IS NOT A SCAM I SWEAR! If it doesn’t work, you can report me, my screen name is ScammerExample.” There are many things that point out obvious SCAMMER-ness in this claim. One is that they need your password. NEVER give your password to ANYONE no matter how long you have known them, or how well you trust them. Another is that you need at least 100,000 NP. They say this so that they know you have NP, they want to scam a rich person, what’s the point of scamming a poor person? There is none. Another thing is, they say ‘this is not a scam’. To insure to you it’s not, which is funny because they are obviously pointing this out, because they are nervous that you will see right through them.

2. If I had a neopoint for every time I saw this one, I would be very rich. It usually says something like this-

“Hack Neopets for REAL!!! (Sometimes they claim they used to work for Neopets and were fired and are trying to get back at them or know someone who does work for Neopets.) This is very simple, all you have to do is send an email to, and put the subject as Lostneopass. Make sure you copy this down EXACTLY or it wont work.

3756[Your username/or petname here]7641[Your password here]06954[person you want to hack here] This works by confusing the Neopets system and coughing up the other persons password.”

This is a scam to get YOUR password. Neopets doesn’t use Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, or any other online mailing system. They use, see for yourself. Request for your password on the site. It should say, not @yahoo, or @hotmail. I don’t think you CAN confuse the server. Although, I do know there IS a way to get other peoples’ password, I am not going to talk about that kind of stuff, as any person trying to hack anyone can view this site.

So, I think, if people really have a generator, why can’t they trade you NP for a cruddy item at the trading post, and get themselves more, no problem, or just send you the program? As far as hacking the site for passwords, that isn’t right in any way at all. You should NEVER steal what others worked for. BUT, if you MUST try it, make a new account putting that info in, instead of your main account. Or just email them asking for the password, I mean, why do they need YOURS? But, I DON’T encourage hacking other peoples accounts AT ALL. It’s not right, and you all know it. This site’s purpose is to protect you from it. NOT encourage you to try it. Besides, if you have ever been hacked or scammed, you’d know how it feels, And I bet it wasn’t a cup of tea. And you know it wouldn’t be for them either. I don’t mean to lecture. Do to others as you would want done to yourself, I am sure your mother has taught you that one!

So, keep all that in mind. And, remember the simple ways to tell a scam from the truth. And, if you NEVER give out your password to ANYONE and you should stay SCAM-FREE for a very long time. Well, acctually, you will stay scam-free. – Sesshomaru0111

Kym Huynh


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