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Kym Huynh —  September 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

***In the world of Neopia, there are many bad Neopians. They use these specified scams to trick innocent users into nothing.***

Fake Login Pages/Shop Scam

These are probably the oldest scams in the book. Lets say you’re browsing a shop. You see a codeston/faerie/negg for a very cheap price. You click on it and are brought to the Neopets homepage. Actually, you’re not. Usually, when this happens its a fake login page. If the URL at the top doesnt start with, it’s fake. DON’T ENTER YOUR INFORMATION!!! It could be the end of your precious account!!! Just go back to the shop and report it. Badda-bing Badda-boom. All done.

Neomail Scams:

Sometimes, you will get a neomail from someone saying
A. They have a secret
B. If you give them _____ they’ll give you a rare item or
C. They want your password.

Don’t listen to these people.
For A, they’d usually say give me your password and they’ll tell you how to get it. (also links to C) In B, it can also be your password or just an item. They’ll ask for the item, you give it to them, and then they’re gone. Congratulations. You just gave away an item for nothing. In the password version, they’ll ask for it, you give it to them, and Bam. Bye-Bye account.

Cookie Grabbers:

I’m guessing some of you are saying, “Nobody will take my precious Chocolate Chippers!” Well, not those kind of cookies. Cookies are digital things in your computer, that hold all your personal information. For instance, your Neopets password. So lets just say you’re looking at User Lookups/Pet Pages and there’s a link to a site (Neopets has blocked most of these now), saying go there and you’ll get a million neopoints. You click on it. You’re either brought to usually a: Cannot Be Displayed page, or: a webpage.

Normally you’ll see a small pop-up box pop-up and disappear instantly. If this happens to you, IMMEDIATELY go to your cookies and clear them out!!!

If you don’t, this program will steal all your cookies and the scammer will have them. Bam. Account and many other things lost. To avoid Cookie Grabbers, never visit a site that leads off Neopets. (unless its in the Neopets Arcade)


Trojans are viruses that sometimes come in programs you download. They can tamper with your files and do pretty much anything. NEVER EVER EVER download a program for Neopets. First of all, you’ll be frozen immediately. (lol) Second of all… they could come with those nasty Trojans.

About Keyloggers now…
Also come in programs. If you get a Keylogger in one of your Downloads, Bad news. Keyloggers keep track of EVERY SINGLE LETTER YOU TYPE! Then it sends it to whoever the person who created it. These both imply with the Cookie Grabber section. ‘Never visit sites that lead out of Neopets’.

Note: Trojans, Keyloggers, and Cookie Grabbers are all illegal and can make you go to prison. If you know someone who gives them, call the police and they may be arrested.

Final Note: Neopets is a fun-filled game filled with many interesting things to do, but 1: NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR DANGED PASSWORD!!!And 2: Never visit a site outside Neopets. (unless from the Neopets Arcade)

If you have any questions, you could e-mail me at, or NeoMail me. – jman987654567890

Kym Huynh


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