Scamming/Hacking – A White Rabbit’s Hackers Point of View by ladymcalpine2001

Kym Huynh —  March 3, 2018 — 7 Comments

The name’s ladymcalpine2001. I’ve been with Neopets for 21 months now, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But I’ve been the victim of 9 account hacks – my pet, babatasha, is the sole survivor of those 9 hacks. All my other pets were frozen/deleted.

My stupidity was the cause of the first 2 hacks – scammers if you will. The third, fourth and fifth times were through who I thought were TRUSTED Neofriends. Sixth was through someone deciding my account with 2.8 million NP would be good to share, which resulted in it being frozen. Seventh and eight times were through blatant smartasses being “cool” on Neopets. And the Ninth was only recently…

My boyfriend, archersdogporthos, told me that he’d suddenly wound up 3k less than he’d been some 6 hours ago. Instantly I was on alert, changing his password for him and immediately getting through to mine after I’d logged him out. Sure enough, I was missing nearly 15k! Knowing full well that this guy was either going to dump my beloved pets in the pound or relieve me of all my precious treasures within the next 30 seconds, I beat him to it, changing my password and practically trapping him inside the Neopets Server. I learned the scammer had used an .exe file to nail my account password. While I knew this guy had to have multiple accounts, I figured I’d do a little sleuthing of my own on MSN…

Bingo. Not more than five minutes later, I get a MSN pop-up that said: “ has added you to their contact list” – then prompting me to do the same. I’m not naive, don’t think I am, but I added him…knowing full well that this particular email address was being monitored closely by the Hotmail Staff for sending hackers programs through MSN Messenger. (I’d recommend keeping an eye on the hotmail messages that they send frequently to your inbox – sometimes hacker warnings pop up and they give specific details on what to watch out for, especially programs and viruses!) Getting back to what was unfolding before me, he asked me if I could help him out with something on Neopets.

Right mein friend. You’re about as intelligent as Zip & Zug are…

The italics are my thoughts at that time. If you don’t understand some of my quotes, I’m 21 years old and have a more adult sense of humour. He asked me if I was a hacker, to which I replied, truthfully mind you, that I was. I do have at least 8 years experience at hacking. However I am NOT a Red Herring (a BAD hacker), I’m a White Rabbit (a GOOD hacker) Don’t get White Rabbits and Red Herrings confused, k? Red Herrings tend to do everything illegal and for a price, White Rabbits are employed by the police/government/various businesses to root out the bad guys who wanna cheat them. I report scammers and cheaters on Neopets too. Reporting hackers to Neopets only wipes out their usernames and accounts – not from their actual source. Screwing around with them is pretty twisted, but it works in rooting out potential teenage hackers that cause serious damage to school/government systems. Either way, the word ‘hacker’ tends to combine the two categories into one – it’s not fair on some of us, y’know? Show a little respect/knowledge for us White Rabbits…

He then requested me to build a program for him that would wipe out at least some 50 accounts that he was planning to hack. I told him it wouldn’t come cheap (don’t you just LOVE screwing with their minds?!) and he asked would 1 million NP do. I told him I wasn’t asking for NP, I was asking for cold hard CASH… There was a rather audible gulp that resonated from down his end. Those would-be hackers that think you can be bought with NP are the ones who have NO idea. I started bantering with him, checking him out on Neopets only to find his main account disabled and his secondary account in the process of being frozen. Since the Neopets Team were obviously already clued-in to what was going on, I decided to keep him preoccupied. How? Discussing certain scripts and worm viruses that would, ultimately, shut down his comp at its source if he downloaded the program from my computer and attempted to use it. Devious as it is, if you’ve worked hard to HELP people online in this hackers business, you’ll work ever harder to keep people safe from jerks like these.

Long story short, he bought it, lies and all. As I transferred the file from my computer to his, I did feel faintly guilty. I do remember getting a very long and NASTY yahoo email from him saying both Hotmail & Neopets had frozen his accounts with them and his computer had recently died due to a certain little destructive worm virus known online as “Cheronobyl”. I won’t go into details, but it’s one extremely powerful virus even if it’s less than 15kb in size most times. As for the would-be hacker, I haven’t caught him back on Neopets yet. But you can be sure that if I do catch him back on the site, he won’t last long if I catch him scamming others!

I’m writing this as a warning to everyone who plays and to show you that not all hackers are “bad” ones. This hackeress happens to be on the good side of things…

Thanks for hearing me out, – ladymcalpine2001

Kym Huynh


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7 responses to Scamming/Hacking – A White Rabbit’s Hackers Point of View by ladymcalpine2001

  1. Areyoukiddingme August 25, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    omg, lol the person that wrote this is obviously not twenty one or is very immature for their age and definately not a hacker. good job for getting rid of the scum bag tho -.^

  2. Wow, that was smart you, thanks for getting rid of that mouse-brain for us. ^-^

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