Scammer: Real Conversation by drnick60

Kym Huynh —  January 24, 2017 — 1 Comment

This guy claimed to have a code that would get you a million np, only if you had 100,000 and send him your password. First I reported him, then I decided to have a little chat. It is quite funny actually. (I am T34297) My comments are in italic.

T34297: hi

Greennoell: hi

T34297: explain how you can get me 1,000,000 np


He wants to make sure it is worth his while to steal.

T34297: 400,000

T34297: approx.


T34297: I don’t know, before I give out my password, can you please tell me how the code works?

T34297: Why can’t you just send it to me?

Greennoell: well i just go 2 this place and put it in

Greennoell: because i am not aloud 2

T34297: Why not?

Greennoell: i am not aloud i cant tell y

Yeah right, whatever.

T34297: ok, then, but where did YOU get it?

Greennoell: a friend

T34297: sorry for the questions, there are just so many scammers

i’m just playing with him to get him to talk.

T34297: did your friend write it?

Greennoell: yea i am not 1 though

Greennoell: yea

T34297: what language?

I meant computer language.

Greennoell: spanish

Spanish? Scammers should at least know something about computers if they hope to work.

T34297: yeah, but, what computer language?

Greennoell: what do u mean

T34297: I’m a computer programmer, and I know that codes for computers need to be written in a computer language

Greennoell: IT’S IN NORMANL

Normal what?

T34297: in normal what?
what’s it say?
(not all of it, just a general idea)


Is this making any sense to you?

T34297: The code has a million neopoints in it?

T34297: I don’t get it

Greennoell: IT’S HARD 2 EXPALIN

especially when it is being made up.

T34297: yeah, I guess

T34297: still, i don’t know if I can trust you

Greennoell: U CAN

T34297: hmmm, I don’t know, did YOU use it to get

neopoints, and did it work?

at this point, they went temporarily offline.

T34297: hmmm, I don’t know, did YOU use it to get neopoints, and did it work?

Greennoell: yes i got it and it worked

T34297: what did you buy?

that would be cool to have a million

Greennoell: everything

T34297: like what?

Greennoell: paintbrushes

Greennoell: just anything

T34297: cool

Greennoell: yep

T34297: but one more thing, neopets says they freeze anyone who uses cheats

They do. All people who use cheat programs get instantly frozen.

T34297: I don’t want to get frozen

Greennoell: i know so my account will be frozen but i will use the code again u wont

This guy acts like he is used to getting frozen.

T34297: but why can’t you just send the code, I promise not o tell

Greennoell: i just cant it’s 2 hard 2 right

T34297: copy it

Greennoell: but i would have 2 right it out and it takes 4 ever

Copy and paste. DUH!

T34297: oh

Greennoell: yea

T34297: i don’t really know, where do you put the code? (don’t you have to write it out there too?)

Greennoell: so………..

T34297: sorry for the questions, i told you i am a programmer i am curious

Greennoell: i just go 2 this secret place that no one knows about

Secret, right.

Greennoell: i really need 2 know if i can help u r not becuase i have 2 go soon

T34297: but don’t you have to write out the code in the place?

T34297: i am thinking

Not really. Not for a second.

Greennoell: i only have 20 more minutes

T34297: aren’t you afraid people will report you?

Greennoell: no because i just start a new account

Yep, scamming accounts.

T34297: oh, what about your million np?

Greennoell: what do u mean

T34297: what do you do with that so it doesn’t get frozen?

Greennoell: i just get it again

Greennoell: i have 2 go soon yes or no

T34297: well…

T34297: promise you won’t scam me?

Greennoell: yea

As if. Promise you WILL scam me.

T34297: ok

Greennoell: k

T34297: username: anneofgreengables123432

Fake user name. Not my real one, i just made it up.

Greennoell: ok

T34297: password: GO TO ____ LOSER

Greennoell: like that

What, does he think it is my actual password?

T34297: this conversation will be submitted to pinkpoogletoy, and you were reported 15 minutes ago

Greennoell: hey idiot i dont care thats just my extra account LOL!

A scamming account.

T34297: you are a real dunce thinking people will fall for it

T34297: no one is that dumb

Greennoell: u r

T34297: maybe just you

Greennoell: ur
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r
Greennoell: u r

Actually, smart people NEVER give out their password, or ask for one.

T34297: you don’t even know anything about computers

Greennoell: yes i do actallly

T34297: spanish is not a computer language

T34297: and it is called COPY AND PASTE!

Greennoell: duh

Yeah, DUH for you!

T34297: well, goodbye – drnick60

Kym Huynh


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One response to Scammer: Real Conversation by drnick60

  1. Amusing. One of the dead giveaways that someone is trying to scam you is their poor use of English. I’m not sure why, but it seems to be a common trait amongst scammers these days.

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