Scammed: Sharing Accounts by Anonymous

Kym Huynh —  January 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

I was having fun with him but I did not list their username I am minnow he is singer.

SiNgEr4EvA197: we can share accounts
SiNgEr4EvA197: but not scam
SiNgEr4EvA197: cuz if ur a scammer nvm bout the whole thing!
Minnow115: what ever

wantted to make a scammer friend

SiNgEr4EvA197: u r a scammer?!
Minnow115: i make 12000np aday
Minnow115: no
Minnow115: im
Minnow115: not
SiNgEr4EvA197: o ok

your allowed to do this

Minnow115: i have multible accounts i make 6000 aday on each account
SiNgEr4EvA197: ok
SiNgEr4EvA197: lol
SiNgEr4EvA197: how many nps do u hvae
SiNgEr4EvA197: i have a million
Minnow115: about 50000
Minnow115: a million
Minnow115: can i have some?
SiNgEr4EvA197: sry no

probly no not enough probly doesnt have enough

Minnow115: darn
SiNgEr4EvA197: we can share acocunts

SiNgEr4EvA197: without scammming
SiNgEr4EvA197: u dont have to
Minnow115: idont care whats your user name again?
SiNgEr4EvA197: do u wanna share acocunts or not
SiNgEr4EvA197: if u dont wanna than bye
Minnow115: can i think about it?
SiNgEr4EvA197: umm yeah
SiNgEr4EvA197: i dont have much time
SiNgEr4EvA197: so pleaz hry up

ok mr forgetful

Minnow115: well ok ill do it whats your username first though?
SiNgEr4EvA197: wats urs
SiNgEr4EvA197: i dont even know urs
Minnow115: ushermdog319
Minnow115: and minnow115
SiNgEr4EvA197: o
SiNgEr4EvA197: well wats ur pass
SiNgEr4EvA197: and than i will tell u
SiNgEr4EvA197: cuz u know just in case
SiNgEr4EvA197: so u go first

once i saw this i was typing very slow

Minnow115: im trying to get back at someone who scammed me and im having
Minnow115: haha busted
SiNgEr4EvA197: who scammed?!
Minnow115: your trying to scam me good bye
SiNgEr4EvA197: no
SiNgEr4EvA197: i’m trying to share
SiNgEr4EvA197: but u dont have to
SiNgEr4EvA197: i was asking

obviosly not enough np

SiNgEr4EvA197: cuz u didn seem like someone to scam
SiNgEr4EvA197: well bye
Minnow115: ask for my password huh what do you call it?
SiNgEr4EvA197: sharing
Minnow115: yeah right
SiNgEr4EvA197: cuz were sharing
SiNgEr4EvA197: thast the point
SiNgEr4EvA197: but without scamming!
SiNgEr4EvA197: but if u dont wanna
SiNgEr4EvA197: ybye
Minnow115: ok

never give up your real password

Minnow115: my password is doggie
Minnow115: hello?!?!?!?
Minnow115: so whats your username?
SiNgEr4EvA197: wat!
SiNgEr4EvA197: u said u didnt wanna!
SiNgEr4EvA197: i dont even know ur usernm1
SiNgEr4EvA197: username*

ok I’m going crazy

Minnow115: changend my mind so whats yours
Minnow115: for the 4th time ushermdog319
SiNgEr4EvA197: wats urs
SiNgEr4EvA197: i dont even know urs!
Minnow115: now yours
SiNgEr4EvA197: i already told u i dont wanna do this anymore
SiNgEr4EvA197: !
Minnow115: well
Minnow115: tellyou something
SiNgEr4EvA197: i ctn
Minnow115: this is reported to
Minnow115: pinkpoogletoy .com
SiNgEr4EvA197: i reported u!
Minnow115: and you were reported to neopets 10min ago and thats not my real
Minnow115: so ha
SiNgEr4EvA197: s/u
SiNgEr4EvA197: bye
Minnow115: whatever scammer
Minnow115: hahahahaha

He was frozen

Kym Huynh


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