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Kym Huynh —  April 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

Most people give you advice on how not to get scammed and what to do if you do get scammed

Well I am here to tell you what happened to me and how it happened.

If anyone ever asks you for your password then do not even give them you password for your other account you do not use.

I got scammed on the Trading Post. I knew it was a scam so I thought I would check it out just to make sure, the one important thing I did not do is report the person or remember the name of the person, always remember the scammers name or the person will keep getting away with it.

Most of the people say you can get your account back I really do not think you can but that is just my opinion. This scam was about 100k for free obviously a scam!!!!! I knew it was but I gave them my old account to do it on but before I did I changed my passwords for both of my accounts because they were the same.
little did I know that he had got into my main account and changed my e-mail address yes my email address.

Obviously he had scammed many Neopians because he must have made a different account for msn because his msn name was – don’t add him unless you want to mess with him!

Any way back to my story, I gave this guy my password for my old account and even the account name both password different for my 2 accounts, but some how this guy hacked both of my accounts changed my password on my main account and both e-mail addresss to unfortunately my main account had loads of nps and rare items for me to sell and play with all three of my neopets. I loved that account and I only had 3 trophies so when I realized that I could still get on my other account I look at see my e-mail address and yes it had been changed so I changed it back to my original account e-mail address i was so angry for quite a while i typed my original e-mail address to get my passwords back but just so you do not waste your time trying to get your password back it does not let you get you password back if you have created more than one account by the same e-mail address so dont bother.

I did not report the person but i did report the account so that the person will not be able to use my old account it may sound selfish but if I cannot use my own account then nobody else can use my account I have added this person onto my msn to talk to him and to see what he is really like then I will confront him I have not as yet talked to him as he has not come online yet.

So people please be aware of scammers do not give them your old account password or anything because they will figure some way of getting the password for the account you are using so please please I cannot stress this enough please do not give your password away you will be very annoyed just like I was I really did not like it but now I am over it I have got quite a bit of money now but no good items as I am saving for a paint brush and sell most things I have got.

Thanks for reading my article this is not away of telling you how to not get scammed because I say what is the point in telling you that if it has already happened you will already know how not to get scammed and what to look out for. Thanks for reading hope this helps you this is just something that has happened to me I just thought that I would share with you.

from abara_kadabra69 send me e-mails if you want to i love to read them thanks again. – abara_kadabra69

Kym Huynh


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