Scammed by Claudette

Kym Huynh —  May 22, 2018 — Leave a comment

* My quotes have the the little wave things on the side*

Maximum140’s Msg Board Title: Answer this Life Changing Question Question And Win! Only Accepting First Ten Ppl! Neo-Mail Me!

The e-mail I sent to her:

Lolz. Ok, what is this “life changing question”?

Maximum140’s Response:

What colour is tigger of winnie the pooh?
a) Black n White
b) Black n Orange
c) Yellow n Grey?

~Some life-changing question!~

My Response:


Her Response:

Well Done!!!!!!!! You are 1 of 10 ppl! you are the first to win so… i will get the nps to u first! All you need to do is… Reply inclosing your username and p_word to the account you would like the neopoints to be placed. then i will proseed in installing the nps to the account choosen, this may take an hour or so to complete.

~ Ya right! She is probably trying to make sure we don’t check the account with the pass we gave her for an hour so she can get away with the loot!~

My response:

How does this work? Do u have all the nps in codes? And where do u get codes for these type of things or do u just make them? How do i kno this is not a scam? I have been scammed b4 and it’s not fun!

~I just keep a low-profile by playing the clueless newbee, i just reported her then, but of course she doesn’t kno that yet~

Her response:

iv bin scammed b4 n i no itz hard, so id neva dream of doin wat they did 2 me. i simply wat to help. thats all. i get sent a code wen i send your user name n p_word

~ Of course she avoids the other question! I sent her the same message twice and she didn’t answer, so I sent her another just asking the scamming question.~

My response:

Welllll…..Ok, i will give u the username and pass to my other account, but be carefull installing the codes, i have 500k in the bank on that 1!!!!

~ Actually, it’s more like 23, not k, but nps. That account got hacked. Lolz, I would love to see her face when she finds that out. She can’t do much with it too, I was 12 when I got it so u can’t go in chat or n e thing on it. No second account to advertise her scam, or should I say 4,5 ,6 or 10th even account. Who knows??!!??~

Her response:

Ok! Give them to me right away! I want to do this as soon as possible!

~hmmm, or maybe b4 she thinks i realize it’s a scam. ~

My response:

*Not important* I give her the username and pass to my old old account and wait.

My other response 10 mins later:

Thank u for taking part in this conversation, I reported u 15 mins ago and this conversation will be reported to where everyone can see it! Scamming never pays*

~ And that is the truth!~

Kym Huynh


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