How to Not Get Scammed by yummyxbunnies

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Well, first you have to know something. You’ve seen those other guides where those people give you simple advice and tell you all random information that you usually don’t even need to know, right? For example: “Don’t log in to a fake log in page!” Well, duh. We aren’t ALL vegetables you know. But I am going to tell you what scammers and hackers REALLY think about when going about doing it, because I used to scam and hack people’s accounts. I stopped since I got frozen and I realized that it really WASN’T worth losing my account over a few thousand np. So let’s start from the basics.

1: If you hang around on the chat boards you will notice many hackers and scammers hang out there. So If you see them, report them, no questions asked. If you report them right away, they can’t hack you in the future (unless they get another account, that is) But usually the Neopets team can find their other accounts. So really you are saving yourself np if you report them, you also may make someone’s day ^-^

2: When I was a scammer, I used to lurk around on the boards. If you don’t want to be focused on, don’t post your accomplishments. Example: “OMG! ONLY 10k TO GO UNTIL I HAVE 100k!!!” or how about the oh-so common “I JUST HIT 100k! YAY!!!!” That, my friend, will automatically get the attention of many many scammers and hackers.

3: Sometimes I didn’t even talk to the person. I just singled out a newbie (Newbies have good luck with the random events. Hehe, they always have about 5k lying around. ^-^) So when deciding on a password, stay away from passwords that relate to you or your username. For example, my screen name on Neopets is yummyxbunnies. A bad password for me would be yummy, bunny, or hophop. It just isn’t smart. See, I used to guess passwords and I got them correct a lot of the time. I mean once I got into someone’s account whose sn had cows all over it. The password was moomoo. How obvious can you get? Some other common ones that you should stay away from: 123456, password, your actual sn repeated as your password, ANY part of your pet or petpet’s name, and anything you tend to commonly talk about. Also try to include *’s, ~’s, or other special characters. ^-^

4: If you choose to have a few accounts, and they are on your neofriend list, have a different password for each one. This is important because usually it was like I got one, then I got them ALL. So take my advice and use different passwords.

5: This may sound strange but don’t even tell your FRIENDS your password. And if they know your email password, change it. They can request for your password. If you get into a fight or they are desperate, trust me, there is a big chance they will getcha ^-^

6: Oh, don’t we all just LOVE those little neomails we get from time to time about how “you got reported and now we need your password to stop you from being frozen!” I mean, hello? If you really work for the staff, then you already have access to our password at all times, and another thing, the staff controls who is frozen and who isn’t, not a machine, so they could stop the process anyway! *rolls eyes* I can’t believe people actually fall for this stuff!!!

7: When purchasing an item that looks like a good deal, run your mouse over it and look at the bottom of the screen. Usually it will say something that starts with But if it starts with anything other than, don’t even bother trying to buy that item. It will lead you to a fake login page. Report the shop. On occasion you can run into cookie grabbers, where even if you DON’T enter in your user information on the fake log in page, it can take your lovely little cookies and get into your account, but this can be prevented if you take my advice, and change your account security to high, or download the latest updates for Internet Explorer from

And now for the No-Brainers! 😀

8: Email. There are no programs that can “magically” give you np by changing your email. It is really important that you know that because I, myself, have run into 100’s of these people.

9: If your account IS taken from you, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it back. If you message the person saying “GIVE ME ACCOUNT BACK YOU STUPID MOTHER ******!!!!!” I can assure you the person who has taken your account will be even happier at your misfortune ^-^ If you neomail or email them nicely asking for your account back, I sure as hell would have given it back, and I DID once or twice.

10: If you find your np slowing slipping away and think that you are being hacked, here is what you do: Take the remaining portion of your np, and buy something worth that amount. Do this with a LOT of speed. Send it to someone you can trust, and someone who will give it back to you. If you have good petpets, take them off your pets and send them to a friend. I ALWAYS took petpets ^-^ After the fact, check your till for sales you KNOW you never made. Also check your neofriends list. I mean if they were stupid enough to add you, you might as well use it against them.

Well, there are other things, but I don’t have a lifetime to write it all you know! ^-^ If you have ANY questions at all, neomail me at yummyxbunnies, I’ll be happy to help you or answer a question. And just to remind you, I DO-NOT hack anymore, so do not bother reporting me, as I have already returned any neopoints I have taken, and I got frozen. I have paid my dues. Anyway, good luck, and if you think anyone is trying to scam you but you aren’t sure, either neomail me, or use your common sense ^-^

And one last thing. If you ever find a hacker or scammer, milk them for all that they are worth! Say that you will report them if they don’t give you back those nps they took from you, (when you already have) , remember, they won’t always check who they have scammed. Whenever I try this I usually milk 10lk out of them b4 they get iced. ^-^ So take those nps away! hehe! I hope this has been useful! Buh bye! – yummyxbunnies



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