How to Have Fun With a Scammer by Einstein_006

Kym Huynh —  October 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

Don’t we all just hate those scammers? Don’t we want to rip their heads off and stuff it in the garbage can (sorry about “graphic” description ;)? Well, my friends, one of my friends who played Neopets was a scammer, and got frozen like water in the tundra. While watching him play, I learned the tactics of a scammer and how they really work. Scammers strategies are so basic, I enjoy thinking of ways to make fun of them. How to insult them in instant messenger. How to take glory as they look in your account and discover absolutely nothing because you are nothing but a newbie, and suddenly they freeze and cry to their mommies. So, read on and discover how to LIKE meeting scammers on AOL Instant Messenger.


Okay, first tip to PREVENT you from saying this. Never log off of neopets. Try your hardest not to use public terminals. Even if you have a PC or Mac in your own room, try not deleting the cookies that neopets puts into your computer telling neopets that you are still logged on.

This part is going to refer to if you ARE being scammed, not just trying to prevent a scam.

You’re being scammed, eh? Heh, this is the funniest part (I’m not kidding). How much money do you have? You have very little time to pull this off, as the scammer is only going to check out your account for about 10 minutes before transferring your items and neopoints into his/her main account. What do you do? Ask that same question again and again until you found out the highest priced item buyable with that amount of money.

100 thousand? Buy the Wand of the Air Faerie. What to do? Give it to a TRUSTING neofriend. Send them a neomail saying you are being scammed and to please hold onto the wand for you because all your NP’s are in it. I have a good friend who would do this for me no doubt, and I could always trust her if this happened to me.

4 thousand? The rare codestone; not a lu or tai-kai but either a Main or a Bri Codestone. Repeat the steps above. Millions? A hidden tower item. Get the picture? Good.

Now, the scammer probably signed off of Instant Messenger and is extremely angry about all those lost items. Let me rephrase that; he WILL be angry after he finds out, as he is probably still checking out your inventory.

Uh oh, time to deal with those pesky rare items that are hanging out in your safety deposit box. Either give them to neofriend, or donate them. I find it fulfilling just donating 100 NP’s to the money tree; how would I feel if I donated 5 faeries? Extremely good!
Report the scammer as the last step. Scammers are generally an arrogant bunch, and they don’t think you’re going to go “insane” and donate all your good things to the money tree or a neofriend.

Scammer reported! Rare (and sellable) items safe! Now what do you do? ROLL ON THE FLOOR AND LAUGH! When my friend got reported I just fell down and laughed for 5 straight minutes, and his mom even came to check on me, in case I was going insane or something.

I want to prevent myself from being scammed. What do I do?

Heh, now’s the time for a little fun as well. Go to the chat rooms, and post this message, “I JUST REACHED 1 MILLION NEOPOINTS!”. And then, in the description, put your IM (if your comfortable letting others see your IM, of course). Make a new account as well. Give a right e-mail address as this is a dummy account, and you are going to have to give the password away (don’t worry, this account won’t affect your main one).
Scammers will eventually IM you. Ask for their neopets user name first. Never leave this part out! If they try a trick (refer to the neopets wall of shame and also the true scammed story on pinkpoogletoy), report them. Send them the password of the account, and laugh openly as they respond in a very, um, PROFANE way. Most likely they will say something like, “YOU LITTLE *&^%#$ YOU HAVE ME SOME STUPID ACCOUNT! YOUR REAL ONE HAS MORE NEOPOINTS, I KNOW IT! ARGHHH!”. And then they’re frozen, and you repeat. Isn’t it fun taking out scammers? I think it is.

I’m not sure if I’m being scammed or not. What should I do?

First of all, change your password. Don’t put it as your name unless you put a fake one on when you registered. Still, your name isn’t a good choice. Put your lucky number and then your name, and then your lucky number again. This is an excellent idea, especially if you put a fake name on Neopets.
Second, ask the person if they are trying to scam you. Straight out! Don’t beat around the bush. Say it right to their face, and non-scammers will usually say “No,, sorry if I said something, do you not want to talk to me or something?”. Scammers, however, usually say something like “I’m trying to help you”, or, “I want to be your friend!”, or something really sweet or kind. Report them! Don’t say something like “Can I have your username?”. Say, “Oh, I want to be your friend! I wanna be your neofriend!” That will benefit them because they will be able to transfer your items once they get into your account, but don’t ask them to be your neofriend. Report them and get it over with!

I hope this will help all you scammed, being scammed, and don’t want to be scammed. Enjoy destroying those ruthless and evil scammers! My username is Einstein_006! Send me a message, I like mail. And if you’re a scammer, be prepared to be frozen ;).

Kym Huynh


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