How Not to Get Hacked or Scammed by snapper

Kym Huynh —  December 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have been on Neopets for 2 years now and have seen every trick in the book of how people try to scam and hack. Just recently hacking and scamming has become more common and even easier to fall for. This article points out the majority, if not all the ways not to get scammed or hacked and to keep your account safe. Scams are pretty easy to pick up on, if it’s too good to be true it really is. Usually it will be a fake login screen where you have to retype your password, or they will change their prices at the last second and you will end up paying more than you bargained for so keep your wits about you. Other typical scams are buying ‘raffle tickets’ to win a bigger prize, or bidding a lot on a cheap item in a trading post to receive a more expensive item. And trust me, no one will give you 1 million np or 10 baby paint brushes so don’t believe it. Also NEVER change your email address if someone asks you to.

Hacking is a bit harder to keep away from, if possible don’t sign up with a yahoo or hotmail account as these are as easy as anything to get hacked. All they have to do is guess your secret password and they are in. ISP emails can be hacked too but are harder, if possible write your password down in a safe place, and remove your email from your preferences, if you lose your password you will have to email neopets but it is much safer this way. Another way you can be hacked is through cookie grabbers, they are where they steal your computer cookies and passwords. These are not on neopets anymore but can be on neo related sites. I would highly recommend not visiting any sites advertised on the chats that you have never been to as these can contain cookie grabbers that will steal your account. If you know someone is in your account quickly delete your cookies and change your password.


I would also advise staying away from MSN or at least not receiving files from people you don’t trust as these can contain viruses that will reveal your passwords. Also NEVER even open emails you don’t know who they are from, not just the attachments, the email too as viruses are encoded into these.

Despite the rumors, I have received confirmation from Neopets staff that there are no hackers in neopets database and you cannot be hacked through neopets but if you advertise on chat how much np you have and how many items you have, you are more a likely target for scams and people to try and hack you. So here are some final words, don’t relogin if its not a screen, try and not have an email address linking from your account, don’t post clues in your lookup to what your password is and try and stay away from sites posted on chat. – snapper

Kym Huynh


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