A Question of Morality by bhfrik

Kym Huynh —  March 30, 2018 — Leave a comment

During my many hours of game play, I have at times encountered various hackers and scammers, and usually try to interact with them. Following are various explanations I’ve heard for this behavior, and my response to their justifications.

It’s just a game, its not that important so it shouldn’t bother you too much. This is a common response especially when the subject comes up in Neochat. Yes Neopets is ‘just a game’, and in the overall scheme of life it isn’t important. BUT I’ve placed literally thousands of hours into getting where I am. To have that taken by some cheater would be devastating, just from the time loss alone. Its MY time, not yours, and yes I do care about my time. This ‘its just a game’ doesn’t apply to any game I’ve ever heard of anyway. Say a total stranger purposefully tipped over a chess game you were playing on the street. Your reaction would most likely be to not just shrug and say ‘Oh well, it was just a game’ You’d be upset and with every right.

At times after I really light up a scammer/hacker, I’ll hear ‘You really don’t know anything about me’ I’ll tell you what I do know about these types. They are willing to cheat and steal when it comes to Neopets. If they would do this at something that really has no bearing on life, how do you suppose they’d act if it did mean something for real? Be honest here… knowing that someone made a neo living by scamming/hacking, would you want that someone around your valuables alone, in real life? I think not! I am convinced that most of these types grow up to see at least some jail time, based upon this behavior alone…

I actually saw the following in neochat the other night. ‘Scamming is an art form not a crime. Its the art of making people do things without realizing they are doing it.’ 1stly, a very high percentage of neoplayers are children. I believe an even higher percentage of kids account for the scamming victims. So good job Mr./Mrs.. artist… You just fooled a child!! You just ruined some kids day, to get ahead a bit in a game. Nice canvas you have there… you literally stole candy from a child, and called it a work of art. I suppose larceny, passing bad checks, and various other crimes should be considered art as well using this mentality.

Lets get to the crux of the issue shall we? Scammers and hackers show a lack of being able to play the game and get ahead on their own. They have to cheat and steal to subsist. Its akin to two teams playing a baseball game, and having one team count the others runs scored as their own. How can that be in any way satisfying for the ‘winning’ team? They didn’t earn the score, and they show weakness by cheating in order to get ahead.

So the next time you come across these justifications for cheating others in the game, you be sure and let them know what this says about the cheater.

And have fun playing an honest game. That’s the best way to get ahead and feel good about it. – bhfrik

Kym Huynh


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